Which NFL Teams Have the Best Odds Against the Spread?

nfl logoWe are now through 11 weeks of the 2013 NFL season and the good teams are beginning to separate themselves from the bad teams. But perhaps more importantly, we are getting an idea on which teams perform the best against the point spread.

I took some time to review all 32 NFL team’s records against the spread and I have some interesting findings. It seems that the better teams are also performing better against the spread.

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A review of each team shows that of the top 10 records against the spread, only one of those teams has an actual record below .500. That one team, the Oakland Raiders, is 7-3 against the spread but sports an actual record of 4-6.

The Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys are also atop the list with a 7-3 ATS record. The Panthers are 7-3 in reality and the Cowboys are 5-5.

The Seahawks, with a record of 10-1, are 7-4 against the spread. The Chiefs and Broncos, both with just one loss, are 6-4 against the spread. The Broncos could have been higher but had the tough task of covering a 27-point spread (the largest in history) when they faced the Jaguars in Week 6.

The Jaguars, who are widely regarded as the worst team in football, also have the worst record against the spread, at 2-8. One of those wins was against the Broncos when they were given that 27-point cushion by the sports books.

Meanwhile, of the other bottom 10 teams with the worst record against the spread, only 1–the Chicago Bears–has a record above. 500.

The findings also show that teams perform better against the spread at home, with 21 teams sporting records of .500 or better against the spread when they play in front of their fans.

So even though the purpose of the point spread is to make any bet a 50/50 proposition, it seems that, at least this year, the best teams on the field are also the best teams against the spread.

So when in doubt on who to bet on in a game, take the better team–especially if they are at home…Or just bet against the Jaguars. That will work out pretty well too.


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2013 NFL Records Against the Spread
Source: Vegas Insider

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