Unintentionally Funny Local Commercial: Red House Furniture

It’s time for another edition of Unintentionally Funny Local Commercial—the original LWB feature where I find commercials that are so bad, they are actually funny.

The Red House is located in North Carolina, which becomes glaringly obvious within the first five seconds of watching this commercial. In an area where racial tensions are high, Red House tries to curb racism while also bringing budget furniture into your home.

Take a look…

WOW…There’s just so much to talk about that I think we need to really dive right in and break this commercial down from start to finish…

0:02: Black guy quotes Rodney King, while sitting in-between two unkempt white men. Apparently nothing brings black people and white people together like a low-end furniture store in North Carolina.

0:06: Two young guys that seem out of place in this commercial sing an annoying jingle. I’m assuming they are college interns who apparently had no clue what they were in for when their advisor set them up at Red House.

0:15: We’re formally introduced to the man on the couch. His name is Richard AKA Big Head (incase you’re wondering what his nickname was). If you didn’t know this already, he works at the Red House and he is black.

0:22: Big Head awkwardly shakes a white woman’s hand. Woman reluctantly obliges as she fears she will be mugged by the large colored man if she does not do what he says.

0:25: We’re introduced to Johnny “Ten-Gauge” who decides to share his hobbies with us. Could you have ever guessed that he would enjoy bass fishing and deer hunting? Also…would you trust this man with a credit check?

0:35: Ten Gauge grabs a homeless black man off the street, offers him a six-pack of PBR if he agrees to appear in his commercial. Homeless man agrees.

0:42: A black woman enters the commercial. After debating where to film this epic scene, they decide that a picture of zebras and giraffes would be the ideal backdrop… and wouldn’t you know it? She’s black and also loves the Red House. Martin Luther King’s dream lives!

0:48: White guy wearing a Charlotte Hornets shirt from 1995 struggles to read his line. He finally gets it some-what right on his 35th take.

0:50: Cue the interns, who if they ever want to get a job will omit this from their resume

0:52: Fat guy in orange fleece continues the trend of awkward physical contact with Big Head

0:57: Big Head jumps on the couch. How great would it have been if he said “Fuck yo couch n-gga!”

1:04: Johnny Ten Gauge hops on a mattress which is adjacent to a stove, a skid and some random boxes. Another great backdrop by the boys from Red House

1:21: Big Head lets us know that “expanic” people also shop there. I’m assuming he means Hispanic. Unfortunately, they could not find any homeless Hispanic people outside their store.

1:30: Commercial mercifully ends but not before some more awkward touching.

Oh but wait…there’s more!! Red House has posted behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the commercial. In the extras, Ten Gauge brags about his deer hunting and bass fishing conquests, the interns share their vision, and some new characters— who amazingly weren’t good enough to make the cut— make an appearance.

Thanks to “Yermom” over at http://pst-mod-talko.blogspot.com/ for the tip on this commercial.  If you have a commercial in your area that you think is worthy of appearing on this series, please send me the link and I will give you credit.

4 comments for “Unintentionally Funny Local Commercial: Red House Furniture

  1. November 9, 2010 at 7:19 am

    This ad is shockingly racist. They are fine with blacks and whites but there is no mention of couch sales for asians.

    Big head and 12 guage should be ashamed!

  2. November 9, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    LOL, thanks dude for the creds. Good analysis too. Dig it.

  3. Deuce McGee
    November 10, 2010 at 8:16 am

    At least it talks about sales to expanic people. Everyone always forgets about them..

    At the Reeeeeddddd Hooouuusseeeeee.

  4. November 10, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    haha yes. That song was stuck in my head for days after writing this post.

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