Unintentionally Funny Local Commercial: Mo Money Taxes

It’s time for another installment of “Unintentionally Funny Local Commercials”—the original LWB feature which takes a local commercial that is just so bad, it’s actually funny. Today’s local commercial is for Mo Money Taxes. Yes. I couldn’t believe it either—there is a tax company actually called Mo Money Taxes. Amazingly, they seem to have over 250 locations all throughout the Southern United States.

I personally would never trust my taxes to a company called “Mo Money Taxes,” and this commercial does nothing to quell my fears. Check out the ad….

Now someone viewing this commercial might say “But John, this commercial isn’t unintentionally funny. It’s trying to be funny!”

Yes it is trying to be funny. However it is funny for completely different reasons. The company is called MO MONEY TAXES!!! And it’s owned by a number of African-Americans who are doing nothing but adding to a number of southern black stereotypes. There is rap music, pimp cups, flashy cars and—as is the case with any local commercial—bad acting.

I was so intrigued by this company that I had to find out more information. Only when I googled their name, I received a warning from Google that their site may cause harm to my computer. I decided I didn’t want any malware on my computer and did not visit the site.

Then I went further down the results and found some news items regarding Mo Money Taxes. Apparently back in January, a number of customers complained they never received refund checks. Some returns were filled with so many errors, that they were rejected by the IRS.

I then found another news item posted earlier this week about customers in Mississippi who still had not received their tax refunds. Now tax season is over and Mo Money has closed up shop, and these people can’t get anyone to help them.

I honestly don’t feel bad for any of these people. If you saw this commercial and you still trusted these guys with your taxes, than you deserve to lose out on your tax refund.

Thanks to Kelvin from http://daretodreamthinkdo.blogspot.com/ for the tip on this commercial

2 comments for “Unintentionally Funny Local Commercial: Mo Money Taxes

  1. Gary
    May 26, 2010 at 8:23 am

    Wait….are we sure that this is real? Mo Money time for change?

  2. June 18, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    HAHA. Oh yes, here is your thoughts on the Mo Money Taxes business. I’d say since this commercial I have not seen any other lately on television. And it does add a bad reputation to African Americans and show exactly what may typical happens. Thanks for spotlighting this segment.

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