The Sexiest Music Videos of the Decade (2000-2009)

This is the final edition of LwB’s Best of the Decade posts. The other two, Funniest TV Characters and Funniest Movies, can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link.

In this final edition we have the Sexiest Music Videos of the Decade. These videos from the past decade have caused men to drool continuously for four minutes at a time.

10. Rihanna- S.O.S (2006)

Right from the beginning, Rihanna gets your attention when she dances around in that tight green dress. It’s basically four minutes of her dancing around, looking sexy.

9. Christina Milian- Dip it Low (2004)
Christinia Milian straps on some tight leather outfits, dances seductively and rolls around in some sort of black paint.  Not bad at all.

8. Shakira/ Beyonce- Beautiful Liar (2007)
Has there ever been a better duo of asses on the screen at the same time than there is here?  The whole video is great but the ass shaking around the 2:40 mark is what catapulted this video to the top ten.

7. Britney Spears- Womanizer (2008)
There have been a number of revealing Britney Spears videos over the years but in the end, I decided to go with Womanizer. I’m a Slave for You could have easily been on here. However, I decided to go with womanizer because of the naked Britney shots in the steam room.

6. Tatjana- Baila, Baila (2000)
I’ll be honest. I never even saw this video until I was doing research for this post.  However, when I stumbled upon it, I immediately knew it had to be on here. The video is loaded with constant boob shots and shower scenes.

5. Petey Pablo-Freek-a-Leek (2004)
This video has some of the finest hip-hop video hoes ever and has big asses cluttered throughout. This would be higher if you didn’t have to look at Petey Pablo’s ugly grill half the time.

4. Christina Aguilera- Dirrty (2002)
This video came during the height of Christina Aguilera’s whorish phase. That phase came and went too quickly.

3. La Tortura- Shakira (2005)
Shakira appears again on the list thanks to her constant air humping in this video. Also speaking in Spanish adds to her sex appeal.

Buttons (2005)
Six hot broads dancing around, wearing next to nothing is why this video is so high. Nicole Scherzinger is also one of the hottest women alive.  I could have easily taken any PCD video but this one stands out the most.

1. Jessica Simpson-These Boots are Made for Walking (2005)
This song is just awful. However, it’s well worth sitting through it to watch the video.  Jessica Simpson looks AMAZING, especially when she is washing the car in that pink bikini that is entirely too small for her.  That scene is the reason her video is #1 on the list.

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  1. December 28, 2009 at 9:19 am

    Hey, I’ve enjoyed the videos. They sure are all pretty and full of curvatures. :-)

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