The Five Most Memorable Movie Car Crashes

Ferris Bueller Car Crash SceneSome movies impress with shocking or mesmerizing special effects, others would offer you valuable advice and will guide you through the hard times. There are also those movies that will stick in your memories and will make you speechless for quite a while. Movies that will leave you completely dumbfounded are rare to find, especially in these days, when we are showered by all kinds of TV series, action, thriller, sci-fi and horror film productions.

Guess what? There are quite a few examples of absolutely shocking movie scenes that have given quite a scare to a number of people. We are talking about the golden scenes that you could hardly ever forget, so let’s check them out: the most memorable car crashes in famous blockbusters:

The absolute leader in the list is, of course, the movie called Meet Joe Black. Apart from having a great cast (Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Claire Forlani), the movie deals with timeless subjects like life and death, right and wrong, love and envy, which are addressed in a rather unconventional way – Death comes to Earth on his vacation in order to learn a bit more about the ordinary human life.

In the entering scenes one could enjoy the cameo appearance of a dreamy young professional (Brad Pitt) who is meeting Susan and falls for her in a small coffee shop. A couple of minutes later, when you are just feeling the “magic in the air” and you are tuning to a nice relaxed love story, Brad Pitt’s character almost gets into a car crash. You settle back, take a deep breath and when you are just about to smile, here comes the shock – he gets hit by one, two and maybe more cars… fortunately the cameraman save us from the final scene shots, leaving us staring at the crowded street with our hands pressing our mouths in a useless attempt to stop this utter mistake from happening. Killing the main actor in the beginning of the movie – OK, I can live with that, but putting an end to Brad Pitt, well, that is simply too harsh, right!

Going to the next one, have you seen The Forgotten – a great mystery piece with Julianne Moore tackling the subject of motherly love and the unexpected alien intervention? Well, the car crash in this movie was nothing but expected. I could easily rank it as the best car crash scene I have ever seen in a movie. It was my first encounter with such brutal special effects. Later on there were countless movies to recreate such a side car crash but the original version is my personal favorite, I can tell you that. You are just watching the main characters, sitting calmly in their vehicle, having a casual conversation and even when you see a car in the far distance you’d never expect such a horrible turnout. Five stars for perfect execution, they got me absolutely unprepared.

If you are up for more stunning shots, this one will surely take your breath away. The famous series Final Destination have quite a few memorable accidents that could scare you out of your wits, though the famous chain car crash is a pure masterpiece. To tell the truth, the crash was not unexpected: the tension in the previous scenes was really building up. The road was just the calm before the storm. Even the kid playing with two toy trucks was to suggest that something dreadful is about to happen. Nevertheless, whatever picture your imagination created while waiting for the actual scene to unravel, it could hardly match what the scriptwriters had come up with.

Vanilla Sky car crash scene is a whole different thing. The movie is more of a psychological thriller and it does not emphasize on the latest special effects, but on building up tension, while making you come up with the best possible outcome to a given situation. When the leading actors, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, are having a fight in a car, you simply cannot help but wonder: “Will she intentionally get into a car crash, or what?” Well, yes she does, and she does it with style.

To wrap it up, let’s check out a rather comic car crash taken out of the iconic movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. If you have seen it you’d know what I mean – this car has been through a lot and it turned out just fine. However the final movie scene just wrecks it all for the timid Cameron.

This is a guest post by David Drasnin. David is a freelance writer and a sworn movie fan. He loves talking about cars and football and he often tends to include those subjects in his writings. Fortunately while he is drafting car recovery articles he is able to dedicate his free time on creating entertaining pieces about one of his true passions – cars.

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