Terrible NFL Quarterback Photographs

Enjoy some photos of the NFL’s top quarterbacks in some photos they wish they never took…

Big Ben swears these girls said it was ok for him to touch their fun bags.


Hey Arizona, I won’t be a backup on your crap ass team.  I’m gonna be a back up on a team in which I’ll always be a back up. I stick my tongue out in your general direction.  



Wow there’s nothing worse than having to carry around your girlfriend’s little dog…


Chad Pennington has proven me wrong.  That has to be as bad as it gets…


Tom Brady hates the Jets but loves goats.


In this photo, is Brett Favre embarrassed that he’s on the Jets?  Is he embarrassed he is no longer on the Jets?  Either way he doesn’t look happy. 


Seriously Tom Brady?  Guess what? I know a quarterback that has beaten you and will beat you again!


Eli Manning has managed to beat you in terrible photographs.  Tom you didn’t stand a chance.  While you had to wax your chest, Eli is still waiting for puberty.


Hey it’s the new guy.  Calling someone for advice on how to hang with these elite folks…


Joe Namath has been telling Mark Sanchez the key to being a legendary QB in NY is to wear pantyhose.


Yes Marmalard it’s true… but this doesn’t apply to you.  You were only a NY QB for like 10 minutes.  You got traded to the Chargers because you’re a big douche.


Yes understandably so.    People for some reason think you are good quarterback but you have no Super Bowl ring and probably never will. 

In fact most people don’t care about you anymore.  There’s a new heartthrob QB in the AFC West.


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3 comments for “Terrible NFL Quarterback Photographs

  1. October 1, 2010 at 10:49 am

    I think Eli just began puberty in this pic. He’s starting to get a little patch of hair on his stomach.

  2. October 4, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    The Favre photo is what happens when your elderly Aunt gets you an ugly sweater for Christmas and your mom makes you pose for a photo with it.

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