The Five Cheesiest Moments from Saved by the Bell

When I was a kid, I grew up on Saved by the Bell. Every Saturday morning, I’d excitedly turn on NBC and see what hijinks Zack, Screech and the rest of the gang had in store. At the time, I thought it was great television.

However, now that I’m older and I see re-runs on TBS, I realize just how ridiculous the show was. I still enjoy it but only because I now can laugh at the sheer absurdity of the show.

In honor of one of my favorite childhood shows, here are the five cheesiest moments from Saved by the Bell (more…)

Unintentionally Funny Local Commercial: Two Brothers Scrap Metal

It’s time for another installment of “Unintentionally Funny Local Commercials”—the original LWB feature which takes a look at a local commercial that is just so bad, it’s actually funny. Today’s local commercial is for 2 Brother’s Scrap Metal, a company in New York that obviously sells scrap metal. Here’s the commercial…

The commercial starts out with an all too familiar situation: two teenage girls trying to figure what to do with their scrap metal.  What an age-old conundrum!  Man if I had a dime for every time two teenage girls struggled to figure out a way to use excess scrap metal, I’d have well… a dime!—Because this is the only time in the history of the universe, that two young girls ever had this conversation.  (more…)

Unintentionally Funny Local Commercial: The Slomin’s Shield

When you turn on any regional network, you’re bound to see plenty of local commercials.  Due to the small budget many of these companies have, these commercials are usually pretty awful.  Whether it’s poor acting or ridiculous dialogue, these commercials can be so bad, they are actually comical.  In a new LWB feature, I’ll be mocking some local commercials.

Today’s local commercial is the Slomin’s Shield.  The Slomin’s Shield sells home security systems and has a reputation for cheesy commercials.  This recent number tops the list.

There are three “vignettes” in this commercial, with each showing what life is like without the Slomin Shield and what it’s like with it.  It is a trifecta of horrendous acting.  I’ve seen school plays with better acting than this.  Take a look and see for yourself. (more…)

Curb Your Enthusiasm Analysis: The Bare Midriff

HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm is known for making light of some the most subtle and awkward social situations. In a new series, I’ll take a memorable scene from the genius mind of Larry David and break it down even further. Today’s edition is from the season seven episode titled “The Bare Midriff.”

Take a look at the clip below.

EDITORS NOTE: Since posting this clip, it has been removed from youtube. I’ve been unable to find another clip. You’ll just have to imagine a fat girl in the clip whose belly is hanging out.
The bare midriff is a fashion faux pas that I see way too often during the warm summer months. A woman loses a few pounds and thinks she is sexy enough to flaunt her slightly-less flabby stomach. This can be a disturbing image that will send men running. Often this can be coupled with the infamous “muffin top” look to form a deadly combination. (more…)

Let the Mockery of 24 Begin!

I’ve been a big fan of the Fox hit “24” since its inception.  However, ever since season 5 the show has been in a steady decline.  That being said, I still watch it every week.  Perhaps it’s because there are so many things to mock on this show.  Whether it’s Elisha Cuthbert being chased by a Mountain Lion or CTU getting infiltrated for the 50th time, there is never a shortage of ways to poke fun at 24.

The transcript below is an actual impromptu AIM conversation I had with my buddy DV.  Only the screen names and the numerous spelling mistakes by DV have been changed. SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven’t seen last night’s episode, DO NOT READ THIS! (more…)

The Babes of LOST: Take Your Pick

The final season of LOST is just around the corner! Over the past five seasons, LOST has provided its fans with intense action, heart-wrenching drama and, perhaps most importantly, plenty of hot babes. With so many beautiful women on this show, I thought it would be fun to pose the question: If you could be stranded on a deserted island with one of the girls from LOST, which one would you choose? To help you in this decision, I’ve decided to break down the pros and cons of each one. For arguments sake, we’ll just assume that all the characters are alive.

Kate Austen

-In great shape
-Knows how to find her way around a jungle
-She already banged two guys on the island, why not you?


-Might blow up your house with you inside it if you wrong her
-Manages to fuck up every situation she’s put into
-Is still hung up on TWO other men


The Funniest TV Characters of the Decade (2000-2009)

The decade is coming to a close.  I think. I’m not really sure if the decade technically ends in 2009 or 2010. Either way, I am going to be doing a number of “Best of the Decade” posts over the next month.  Since this is a humor blog, primarily, I will be focusing on some of the best forms of laughter from the past ten years.

Today’s list is the Funniest TV Characters of the Decade. These ten icons have provided myself and others with countless laughs over the years.

charlie-kelly-its-always-sunny10. Charlie Day as Charlie Kelly- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
In a show comprised of low-lives and white-trash, Charlie tops them all.  His poor personal hygiene, inability to read and his appearances as “green man” are routine and always provide a good laugh.
Best Charlie Kelly clip I could find

The Lifetime Network is Eating Away at my Manhood

network_lifetimeA while back, I wrote a post called TV Shows you can Watch with your Girl. The idea of the post was to find shows that you and your girlfriend/ spouse/ fiancé/ mistress etc. could watch together.  However, as the boyfriend, there are plenty of times you get stuck watching TV shows you can’t bear to watch.

For me, most of those shows are on the Lifetime Network.  When I come home, Lifetime is on. When I go to bed, Lifetime is on. It’s gotten so bad that I am starting to see repeats of these shows.  It’s because of this network that I no longer feel bad subjecting her to nine hours of football on Sunday.

To help you guys out, I am going to break down all the shows I am forced to watch. Some are on the Lifetime network, while others are not. If your girl ever puts any of these shows on, take the advice of Biff Tannen: Make like a tree and get outta there.

I will rate each one on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the most tolerable and five making you want to jump off a bridge.  Click on the links to video clips if you dare.  (more…)

This Show Looks Awesome

the league fxWhile I was watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia the other day I came across an advertisement for new show that looks like it could be hilarious. (more…)

Television Shows You Can Watch With Your Girl

This is the third part of the series giving advice on living with a woman. Be sure to check out the first two parts called: Rules of Engagement and Moving in With Your Girl? What to Expect. Now for the third and final part: Television Shows You Can Watch with Your Girl.

One challenging aspect of living with a woman is agreeing on a television show to watch. Most free nights I have involve my fiancé and I sitting on the couch, flipping through the channels. I want to watch the ball game, she wants to watch Project Runway.

This can create a conflict of interest. You want to spend time with your girl but you want to watch the shows that interest you. DVR has helped but the problem still arises from time to time. So in an effort to combat this problem here’s a list of the top shows to watch with your girl. (more…)