The Super Bowl XLVI Drinking Game

Super Bowl 46 Drinking GameThis is always a great time of year at Living with Balls. The Super Bowl is around the corner, which is usually exciting in its own right. But because I create my annual Super Bowl drinking game, I see a huge spike in visits. My pageviews nearly double because of it. Apparently, there are plenty of degenerates in this country looking to get obliterated during the Super Bowl.

I’m not a big drinker these days but I plan on getting blitzed on Super Bowl Sunday. As a Jets fan, I couldn’t imagine a worse Super Bowl than Patriots vs. Giants. Sure it was great in 2008, when the Giants took down the undefeated Pats. I was right there, rooting for Big Blue. But now I’m just tired of it. I have obnoxious Giants fans gloating to me in one ear and even more obnoxious Patriots fans gloating in the other. I hope to get good and drunk and forget the result of the game.

But enough about me. You came here to find a Super Bowl drinking game. Well, you came to the right place. As always, I must warn you with this disclaimer:

This drinking game is not for the casual drinker. Proceed with caution. Living with Balls is not responsible if you get violently ill from playing this game. Feel free to adjust the rules to your tolerance or just quit playing when you’re good and drunk.

I have set up a game for both beer and shots. You’re welcome to do one or the other, or play both if you’re feeling daring. (more…)

Why Do We Care So Much About Sports?

I write these words moments after my beloved New York Jets came up just short of the Super Bowl for the second straight year. I am legitimately depressed right now. After just staring into space for the past 30 minutes, wondering what went wrong and going through all the “what if” scenarios of this game, I decided to vent my frustrations by writing this blog post.

Throughout the game, my emotions went on a wild roller coaster ride. I went from despair (Jets trail 24-0 in 2nd quarter), to hope (Jets cut the lead to 24-10), to excitement (Jets have 1st and goal, trailing 24-10), to frustration (Jets get stuffed at the goal line thanks to retarded play-calling), to unbridled enthusiasm (Jets get safety and TD to make it 24-19) to devastation (Steelers run out the clock to win the game).

It was a crazy ride that left me mentally exhausted—and I’m certainly not alone. Millions of football fans across the country experienced these same swings of emotion today. No matter what the sport, die-hard fans have these strong feelings for their team throughout the year. Few things in life can conjure up such uninhibited emotions like sports can.

And this begs the question? Why do we care so much? Why are sports fans like myself so passionate about it? Think about how silly it really is… (more…)

Time for Me to Do My Best “Fire Joe Morgan” Impression

A few years ago there was this great sports blog called Fire Joe Morgan–you may have heard of it.  This was a site founded by three baseball fans that would find awful examples of sports writing and then proceed to make fun of it.   

The site was brilliantly written and was one of my favorite sites to go on.  It was later revealed that the founders of this blog were actually writers for NBC’s “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation.” Unfortunately, their work responsibilities outweighed their blog responsibilities and they gave up writing for the blog in 2008.

Fast forward to September 2010.  A sportswriter named Johnette Howard decided to write this piece of garbage on about the New York Jets.  Since FJM is no longer around, I am going to try and do my best FJM impression on this article titled: The downside of Rex Ryan’s Bluster.  Her words are in bold. (more…)

I Have a Man Crush on Rex Ryan

As a Jets fan, I’ve really grown to love their head coach Rex Ryan. Unlike his predecessor, Eric Mangini, Ryan holds nothing back. He says whatever is on his mind. Forget this “we’ll-take-it-one-game-at-a-time talk.” He flat out says the Jets are going to win the Super Bowl. He doesn’t care if he looks like an ass.

Ryan makes for entertaining television and has had a number of great sound bites this year, but perhaps none were better than what he said yesterday. Ryan was asked his thoughts about Green Bay Packers defensive back Charles Woodson winning the Defensive Player of the Year Award over the Jets’ Darrelle Revis. Here’s what he had to say… (more…)

NFL Team or Fantasy Football Team?: The Great Debate

mjdLester’s Legends, a fantasy sports blog, is running a survey to determine if people are more passionate about their favorite football team or their fantasy sports team. 

Lester’s Legend’s says:
At one time or another, I bet everyone has wondered whether we should root for a fantasy player who is going up against our “real” NFL team.  I think it all boils down to a simple question:  does it feel better when my fantasy football team wins, or when my favorite NFL team wins?

This conundrum comes up on an almost weekly basis and its something many fantasy football fans wrestle with.  There is no better example of this dilemma for me than this Thursday night’s game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Indianapolis Colts. (more…)

Kerry Rhodes: Bad Safety, Worse Actor

kerry-rhodesWhen New York Jets safety Kerry Rhodes isn’t busy missing tackles and blowing coverages, he’s off shooting budget commercials for local, discount men’s suits stores. Rhodes, along with New York Giants wide receiver Steve Smith, recently appeared in a local NY commercial for Karako Suits. For those of you in New York, you’ve probably already had the opportunity see this sad display. However, I felt the need to share this with everyone outside of the area. This is quite possibly the worst display of acting by a professional athlete of all-time. Click read more to view the clip. (more…)

It’s Good to be a New York Jets Fan

new york jets logoIt’s good to be a New York Jets fan right now. That is a sentence I haven’t said many times in my life. I may have said it briefly last year but then Brett Favre and Eric Mangini quickly brought me down to Earth. This year is different, however. The Jets are now 3-0 after a 24-17 win over the Titans Sunday and all signs point to this team being for real. Here are a few reasons why the Jets will not disappoint their fans this season (for once). (more…)