What I Learned From the Top Google Search Terms to this Site

googleEvery so often, I like to use Google Analytics to see what keywords bring people to Living with Balls.  In the past, I have done posts where I’ve listed some of the disturbing, perverted keywords that have brought people to this site.  This time around I thought I’d so something a little different.

Rather than just showcasing one or two people that have sick perversions, I’ve decided to take a look at the top 50 keywords that have brought people here to see what kind of trends I can find.  After reviewing this list, I’ve discovered some interesting concerns that many men have. Some are not surprising at all, while others raised an eyebrow. (more…)

More Crazy Google Searches

Every few months I like to take a look at Google Analytics and see what search terms have brought people to my site. With the number of articles I’ve posted constantly going up and my authority with Google increasing, I am seeing more and more crazy Google searches.

I last did this in June, so here are some of the outrageous searches that have brought people to Living with Balls since then. As always, I have not made a single one of these up. I have only fixed misspellings and grammar. I’ve also taken the time to break these down into categories.

Needless to say, a site called “Living with Balls,” that talks about farts, porn and uses multiple synonyms when describing the female anatomy allows for some wild search results.  Brace yourself…

The answer is yes
Do men like when a woman’s tits flop around during sex?

The answer is no
Is it ok to wear a midriff if you have a muffin top? (more…)

Google Sends More Crazy Readers to LWB

Back in February, I wrote a post showing some of the crazy searches that brought readers to Living with Balls. It turned out to be pretty entertaining so I thought I’d do it again—mainly because I haven’t had the time to write a real post.

Since February, I have gained a little more authority in Google searches and thus have found some results that are even crazier than last time.

As a reminder, these are 100% REAL. I have only altered spelling errors. This time around, I’ll be borrowing an idea from my friend Bejewell at The Bean and I will put them into categories. (more…)

Google AdSense is a Prude

The future financial success of this blog was dealt a significant blow recently when I received this e-mail from the people at Google AdSense:

“Thanks for your email. However, please be aware that because your site was found to be in violation of our program policies, it is no longer eligible for participation in the AdSense program. Should you choose to remove all of the adult content then you may submit the site for review by visiting: https://google.com/adsense/support/bin/request.py?contact=noncompliance .

Your account remains active, and you are welcome to place Google ads on other sites which comply with AdSense policies.”

I think it’s debatable if my site truly has “adult content” on it.  Sure I talk about porn and dirty words found in Urban Dictionary but it’s no worse than anything you’d see on FOX in primetime.

As noted above, Google says I can have my account activated if I remove all the adult content.  THAT’S NOT HAPPENING.  I will continue to give the people what they want.  I will continue to talk about tits and farts and people I want to punch in the face.  I’ll continue to write sexist columns and bitch about my fiancé even if it means sacrificing the two dollars a month I currently bring in with Google AdSense.

Although losing the ability to place Google ads hurts the chance of my blog becoming profitable in the future, I am not too worried about it.  There are plenty of other ways to make money online. Contrary to popular belief, Google does not control everything.

There are plenty of other advertisers out there. Do you know any? Because I could really use some cash.

Google Sends Perverted Readers to LWB

I write about a wide array of ridiculous topics here at Living with Balls. This has resulted in a number of people finding my blog through some rather odd Google searches.

Through the magic of Google Analytics, I am able to view every possible Google search that brought someone to my page. Some of the searches I’ve discovered are rather entertaining. I thought I’d share them with you. Here are the most notable searches that brought readers to Living with Balls. (more…)

Google Search Suggestions Expose Mass Shame

This week’s featured link is from the Lamest and is titled “Google Popular Search Suggestions that Expose Mass Shame.”  This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while and is definitely worth checking out.

Here are some other great links… (more…)

Links of the Week: October 2, 2009

mike_blowersIt’s Friday. It’s time for another edition of Links of the Week.  This week we have hilarious roller coaster photos, idiot bank-robber stories and an amazing prediction from former ball player Mike Blowers.  Check it out.  (more…)