The Hotness Scale Defined

Since the beginning of time, men have used the hotness scale to rate how attractive a woman is when debating amongst friends. Using the standard 1- 10 ranking (with one being the ugliest woman imaginable and ten being a perfect woman), men have found an efficient way to judge women in the shallowest way possible.

However, over the years, the Hotness Scale has gotten too lenient. This is probably because each level has never been truly defined. We need to make a clear-cut definition of what each number means so that we can accurately judge women solely on their looks, while completely ignoring their personality.

The majority of men will brag they’ve been fortunate enough to get with at least one nine or ten in their lifetime but that is highly unlikely. Most women we meet and hook-up with will fall somewhere in the 4-6 range.

I’ve been with some fairly attractive women in my day but I doubt any of them can be considered higher than a seven. Even my wife probably falls within the 6-7 range. Knowing her, she would probably take offense that I only consider her a seven on a good day but as you’ll see with my rankings, seven is very good.

Here are the rankings defined… (more…)

The Cheat List

I’m getting married this week and that means I’ll be committing to one woman for the rest of my life—or does it? 

Like a lot of couples, my future wife and I have jokingly made a “cheat list.”  This cheat list contains a list of celebrities.  If by some chance we are presented with an opportunity to sleep with one of these five people, we are allowed to do so without any repercussions.

As part of the continuing wedding series, here is our official “cheat list.”  

Johnny Sacks’ List

Gianna Michaels
Gianna Michaels— an internet porn star—is not the hottest girl but she has amazing natural breasts and the biggest ass I’ve ever seen on a white girl.  That’s not even the reason why she’s on this list.  Go to YouPorn, search for Gianna Michaels, watch one of her videos for five minutes and then come back (pull your pants up first).  This girl gives a blow job like she needs dick for sustenance.  (more…)