Check out This Amazing Gears of War Lego Animation

In lieu of a normal post this week, check out this amazing video clip called “Bricks of War.” If you’ve ever played Gears of War, you’ll love this. It’s a stop-motion animation of Gears of War 3 using nothing but Legos.

24 Mockery: Season 8 Improves, but Still Pretty Crappy

Last night’s episode of 24 was not that bad for a change.  That doesn’t mean DV and I aren’t going to make fun of it. Here’s our take on the latest 24 twist…

DV (12:51:06 PM): Did you see 24?
John S (12:53:10 PM): yes I did
John S (12:53:23 PM): it looked promising until the last 10 seconds
DV (12:53:45 PM): I have to admit there were times where it was interesting and fun but for the most part I kept shaking my head.
DV (12:54:05 PM): and the last 10 seconds actually made me feel better
John S (12:54:12 PM): really?
DV (12:54:16 PM): here is why (more…)