I’m Ending Tweet of the Week…Unless you Guys Are Liking it Still!

So after a long debate, I have decided that I will no longer be doing the Celebrity Tweet of the Week feature.  It doesn’t really fall into the niche of this blog and fails to generate many pageviews.  But mainly, I just hate doing it.  My twitter feed is clogged up with all sorts of celebrities I have no desire to follow.  The task of trying to find funny tweets has also grown tiresome. 

So I’ve decided to put an end to it. UNLESS there is a huge outcry for it in the comment section.  So if you truly enjoy this feature, let me know about it and if several people want me to keep it, I’ll consider it.

There are some other alternatives as well such as: (more…)

Celebrity Tweet of the Week: March 7, 2010

It’s time for another edition of Celebrity Tweet of the Week!.  In this edition, we have two repeat performers from last week.  These two have really helped step this feature up to a new level. Click on continue reading to find out who made the cut this week.  (more…)

Conan O’Brien Saves Tweet of the Week

For the dozens of you that follow my blog, you know I do a feature called Celebrity Tweet of the Week—a year-long contest that tracks the funniest celebrity tweets. You may also have noticed I’ve been slacking with this feature lately.

I’ve grown tired of tracking through my twitter timeline, sorting through tweet’s about Kim Kardashian’s workout schedule and Bill Simmons, bitching about the Celtics.  I have contemplated giving up on it.

However, today I was inspired to rejuvenate the dying feature.  Today, Conan O’Brien has set up a Twitter account!  If his first tweet is a sign of things to come, he looks to be the 2010 favorite. 

So for the first time in a while, I give you Celebrity Tweet of the Week… (more…)

An Ode to Teagan Presley: Celebrity Tweeter of the Year, 2009

After months of competition, we have a winner in the first ever Celebrity Tweet of the Week.  This person blew away the competition, besting celeb tweeters, John Mayer, Rainn Wilson and Chad Ochocinco to win the award.  The winner of 2009 Living with Balls Celebrity Tweet of the Week is… TEAGAN PRESLEY!

Ms. Teagan, the adult film star, has provided us men with great tweets the entire year.  Let’s take a look back at some of the finer ones.  (more…)

Celebrity Tweet of the Week: December 17, 2009

The Celebrity Tweet of the Week is getting down to the nitty-gritty.  Did any of this year’s top performers make the cut this week and move up the rankings?  There’s only one more edition left after this one before I declare a winner. 

 Teagan Presley is still holding on to the lead but Rainn Wilson and Chad Ochocinco still have an outside shot.  (more…)

Celebrity Tweet of the Week: December 11, 2009

twitter3There’s only a few weeks left in this year’s Celebrity Tweet of the Week, the twitter competition where I judge the best celebrity tweets of the week.  Typically these tweets involve something humorous or a link to pictures of a big-breasted woman. 

Can Teagan Presley hold on to her narrow lead or will someone else pull ahead and take the inaugural title?

Take a look… A couple contenders appear this week and are eyeing a run at the title. (more…)

Celebrity Tweet of the Week: Thanksgiving Edition

twitter3I am truly thankful for many things this Thanksgiving.  I’m engaged to be married to a wonderful woman. I have great friends and a supportive family.  I  have a good job with health benefits.   

I’m also very thankful for the person featured in this week’s version of Celebrity Tweet of the Week.  This person has been featured a number of times before and she continues to come through on a weekly basis.    

Since no one else really stood out to me this week, I’m awarding her all the points.  She deserves it… So who is it? (more…)

Celebrity Tweet of the Week: November 18, 2009

twitter3It’s time for another edition of Celebrity Tweet of the Week; the weekly feature where LwB takes some of the best tweets and declares one celeb as the winner.  Standings are kept and the winner will be honored at the end of the year.  This week includes three returning winners.  Lets check it out. (more…)

Celebrity Tweet of the Week: November 4, 2009

Twitter-Logo2So I’ve been slacking on the Celebrity Tweet of the Week lately.  I know all 15 of you reading this blog are really upset about it.  Don’t blame me though. Blame the celebrities.  The majority of celebrity tweets are self-promoting.  They usually tweet about their upcoming movie or tell us what they had for breakfast.  Either way, I don’t care.  Tell me something funny, say something controversial or post a picture of your breasts. Any of those three will suffice.

Sorting through my twitter timeline for funny tweets has become such a chore that I may make it the Celebrity Tweet of the Month starting in 2010.  We’ll see.  Anyway here are the top three celebrity tweets from last week. (more…)

Celebrity Tweet of the Week: October 21, 2009

Twitter-Logo2It’s Wednesday—which means it’s time for another edition of the Celebrity Tweet of the Week.  This week features some revealing photos, a returning award winner and one of the best tweets since this feature was started. (more…)