Rap Lyrics Translated for White People: Volume III

It’s time for everyone’s favorite LWB feature— Rap Lyrics Translated for White People…VOLUME THREE BABY!

If you’re not familiar, this feature is for any white person who has no clue what rappers are saying. Once again, we have footnotes to further help educate the lyrically-challenged Caucasian, but I’ve also added another feature—I’ve linked to the original song in each translation.

Jay-Z, Ludacris and 2pac are just a few of the rappers who are translated in this feature.


Big L- Danger Zone
I keep a cutie with a soft booty, hoes be runnin up
“Can I get your autograph L?” No bitch, I’m off duty
I’m breakin hottie hearts, n-ggaz drop when my shotty sparks
It ain’t no food in my fridge; just body parts
I keep the gear fresh, I keep the braids rugged
I never wear rubbers bitch, if I get AIDS, fuck it!
A beef with me, you better prevent it cause in a minute
I’ll jump out a tenant rented, and leave a n-gga body dented
And my swoll knob your main girl cold slobbed
and gave a blow job to my whole mob, with no prob’
Aiyyo crazy bitches slept with L
Then they n-ggaz got mad and tried to step to L
But I’m sicker than a n-gga that’s in special ed so I suggest
you spread pretzelhead, ‘fore I turn your white sweatsuit red

White Translation
I like to sleep with a woman with a soft butt
Promiscuous women come up to me on the street
They ask me for my autograph. I say no.
I break a lot of women’s hearts. People die when I shoot my shotgun
There is no food in my fridge, just body parts from all the people I’ve murdered
I wear the best clothes. The braids in my hair are AWESOME
I always have unprotected sex. If I get AIDS—OH WELL!
You better not get into an argument with me cause I quickly
Will jump out and shoot you dead
And your girlfriend performed oral sex on me
And she also gave all my friends blow jobs too. It wasn’t much of a challenge for her
A LOT of women have had sex with me
All these guys are jealous of all the women I’ve had relations with. So they tried to fight me
But I’m crazier than someone who is mentally retarded
So I suggest you spread your arms against the wall and let me rob you before I shoot you dead.

Fabolous- Young’n (Holla Back)
Cruisin top on the Mercedes low
Turn us up when you hear this on the radio
Blastin with the nineteen eighty flow
Make the necks on the ladies go (wooo wooop)
Holla that’s what a pretty thug will do
Hit Branson get a fifty jug or two
Ya’ll throwin on them gritty mugs for who
Like ya’ll don’t know what fifty slugs will do
Hatin I just bought the bulls
I put ya’ll in the front page articles
I got em lookin at the billboard charts confused
And I still freestyle to start the Clue’s
Reppin I’m that kid about the doe
I done copped coke and started droughts before
Shit Platinum out the door
Now I drop the top down just to shout to hoes

White Translation
I’m driving in my Mercedes convertible with the top down
When you hear my music on the radio, you should make the volume louder
I make women turn their heads
That what a good looking black male from the ghetto will do
I’m gonna go buy some alcohol
You guys look like you are jealous of me
Like you don’t know that I can kill you
You are jealous because I bought the Bulls
I’ll kill you and you’ll be on the front page of the newspaper
You’ll be looking at the music charts wondering why I’m at the top
And I still perform on DJ Clue’s beats [1]
I’m all about money
I sold A LOT of cocaine back in the day
I have lots of platinum jewelry
Now I lower the top of my convertible so I can spot promiscuous women easier

Jay-Z I Just Want to Love Ya (Give it to Me)
When the Remi’s in the system, ain’t no tellin
Will I fuck ’em will I diss ’em, that’s what they be yellin
I’m a pimp by blood, not relation
Y’all be chasin, I replace them, huh?
Drunk off Crist’, mami on E
Can’t keep her little model hands off me
Both in the club, high, singing off key
“And I wish I never met her at all…”
It gets better, ordered another round
It’s, about, to go, down
Got six model chicks, six bottles of Crist’
Four Belvederes, got weed everywhere
What do you say, me, you, and your Chloe glasses
Go somewhere private where we can discuss fashion
Like, Prada blouse, Gucci bra
Filth Mart jeans, take that off

White Translation

When I’m drinking cognac there’s no telling what I’ll do
Will I have sex with a girl or will I turn her down?
I was born to sleep with lots of women
You keep chasing women, I just replace women
I’m drunk off expensive champagne. This girl next to me is on Ecstasy
She’s a super model and she keeps touching me. I enjoy this
We are both in the club singing to the music…but we’re off key
Singing that song with the chorus “I wish I never met her at all” [2]
It gets better. Let’s order some more drinks
More good stuff is about to happen
I have six super models and six bottles of champagne by my side
Four bottles of vodka, There is plenty of marijuana also
How about me and you, with your designer sunglasses
Go to my place so we can have sex
Take off all your expensive clothes

T.I-24’s [3]
In a drop top chevy with the roof wide open
My partners looking at me to see if my eyes open
Cause I’ve been drankin, and I’ve been smokin
And flying down 285 but I’m focused
It’s a four fifty four SS, I race Porches
White leather seats, as fresh as air forces
Doing ’bout a hundred but the track still bumping
Number 8 on NWA straight out of Compton
Pull up at your apartment sitting on 20 something
And the dope boys hollin’ the kids running in
The clicks start dancing and the broads start choosing
And the cars been parked but the rims keep moving
Sign pictures by the hundred, to the youngins in the hood
Cause I ain’t Hollywood, I come from the hood I’m use to it,
If your rear view shaking and your seats vibrating
24 inch jays got the Chevrolet shaking

White Translation
I’m driving in a Chevrolet convertible
My buddy checks to see if I’m asleep at the wheel
Because I’m drunk and high
And I’m driving way to fast on the highway, but don’t worry, I’m paying really close attention
My Chevy is really fast. I can even beat Porches
I have white leather seats. They are pretty nice, just like Nike sneakers
Driving about 100 mph but my music is still loud
I’m listening to NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton”
I pull up at your apartment. My rims are 20 inches or more
All the boys are taking notice of me coming inside
There are people dancing and the women are looking for guys to dance with
My car is parked outside but the rims continue to move even after the car stops
I’m really famous. I sign a lot of autographs to all the young kids in bad neighborhoods
I’m not from Hollywood. I’m from the ghetto
If your rear view mirror is shaking and your seats vibrating, that means I pulled up next to you and my music is entirely too loud
Remember when I said I had 20 inch rims a few lines ago? I lied. They are actually 24 inches. Check out my Chevrolet. It’s shaking

2pac- I Get Around
All respect to those who break their neck to keep their hoes in check
Cause oh they sweat a brother majorly
And I don’t know why, your girl keeps paging me
She tell me that she needs me, cries when she leaves me
And every time she sees me, she squeeze me, lady take it easy!
Hate to sound sleazy, but tease me, I don’t want it if it’s that easy
Ayo bust it, baby got a problem saying bye bye
Just another hazard of a fly guy
You ask why, don’t matter, my pockets got fatter
Now everybody’s looking for the latter
And ain’t no need in being greedy
If you wanna see me dial the beeper number baby when you need me
And I’ll be there in a jiffy
Don’t be picky, just be happy with this quickie
But when you learn, you can’t tie me down
Baby doll, check it out, I get around

White Translation
I have great respect for guys who keep all their slutty women in line
Because these whores like me A LOT
And I’m not really sure why but your girlfriend keeps paging me [4]
She says she needs me and gets upset when I leave
Every time she sees me, she wants to hug me. Take it easy girl!
I don’t want to sound sleazy but I like it when you play hard to get
You have a problem leaving me
This is one of several problems good looking and charming men have
It doesn’t matter. I have lots of money!
Everyone wants my money
Don’t be greedy
If you want to have sex with me. Just page me
I’ll be there quickly
Don’t get upset if I don’t give you foreplay. I only have time for a quickie
I can’t be tied down to just one woman
Baby, listen…I have sex with lots of different women.

Ludacris- Stand Up
How you ain’t gon’ FUCK! Bitch I’m me?
I’m the GOD DAMN reason you in VIP
CEO you don’t have to see ID
I’m young, wild, and strapped like Chi-Ali
BLAOW! We ain’t got nothing to worry about
Whoop ass, let security carry em out
Watch out for the medallion my diamonds are wreckless
Feels like a MIDGET is hanging from my neckless
I pulled up wit a million trucks
Looking, smelling, feeling like a million bucks-ahh!
Pass the bottles, the heat is on
We in the huddle all smoking that Cheech & Chong
What’s wrong?! The club and moon is full
And I’m lookin for a THICK young lady to pull
One sure shot way to get em outta them pants
Take note to the brand new dance, like this

White Translation
What do you mean you aren’t going to sleep with me? Don’t you know I’m a famous rapper?
The only reason you are in VIP is because I thought I might be able to have sex with you tonight
I run this place. You don’t need to see my ID
I’m young, crazy and I carry guns like that rapper from Black Sheep [5]
There’s nothing to worry about
We’ll beat up some guys and let security escort them out of the club
Check out my necklace. It has a lot of diamonds in it
It is so big it makes me feel like a midget when I wear it
I pulled up to the club with a large entourage
I look and smell really good
Pass the bottles of alcohol. The club is packed and the moon is full
And I’m looking to have sex with a woman with a large backside
I have an easy way to get them to have sex with me
I try out this brand new dance. It goes something like this…

1-A popular DJ who makes the tracks for a number of rap songs
2- They are referring the song “I wish” by Carl Thomas
3-Yes. Someone actually wrote a song about rims
4. This song was written in the early 90’s before cell phones became popular. Ironically, this video features the Zack Morris cell phone. Tupac is flaunting it around like it’s cool to have the Zack Morris cell phone. I guess it was at the time but now it’s just kind of funny to look at.
5- Chi-Ali was a rapper in the early 90’s for the group black-sheep. He killed a man in an argument and is serving a 14-year prison sentence for manslaughter

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