Rap Lyrics Translated for White People Volume 7

nerdy-white-guyAt long last, Rap Lyrics Translated for White People has returned to Living with Balls! It’s been over a year since the last Rap Lyrics translation. But just when you thought this feature was dead, I have returned like Jay-Z coming out of retirement. In the words of Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, “I won’t stop now, because I can’t stop now.”

Enjoy translated lyrics from 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, The Game and Lil’ Kim.  As usual, there are added notes at the bottom of the post for further understanding.  

2 Chainz

I’m Different, 2 Chainz

I’m different, yeah I’m different
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing
Middle finger up to my competition
I’m different, yeah I’m different
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing

Pull up to the scene, but my roof gone
When I leave the scene, bet your boo gone
And I beat the pussy like a new song
2 Chainz but I got me a few on

Eee-err Eee-err, sound of the bed
Beat it up, beat it up, then I get some head
Well I might get some head, then I beat it up
I don’t give a fuck, switch it up, nigga live it up

White Translation
I’m different
I stop my car in front of a popular social gathering with my convertible top down
I raise my middle finger to the air as a sign of my rebellious attitude
I’m different

Just to reiterate, I am at a club and I drive a convertible!
When I leave said club, I am taking your girlfriend with me
And I am going to have lots of sex with her and her vagina will look beat up afterwards. It’s similar to when you hear a new song you like, you play it over and over again until its no good anymore.
My name is Two Chainz, but that is misleading because I am wearing at least three chains around my neck

The bed squeaks when we fuck
We have vaginal sex, then she gives me oral after I’ve already been inside her
OR we may do it in a more proper way, with her sucking my dick PRIOR to sex
I don’t care. Either way it’s cool with me. Let’s enjoy ourselves!

Jigga What- Jay-Z

Got a condo with nothin’ but condoms in it
The same place where the rhymes is invented
So all I do is rap and sex, imagine how I stroke
See how I was flowin’ on my last cassette?
Rapid-fire like I’m blastin’ a Tec, never jam though
Never get high, never run out of ammo
Niggas hatin’ the shit cause I slayed your bitch
You know your favorite, I know it made you sick
And now you’re, actin’ raw but you never had war
Don’t know how to carry your hoes, wanna marry your ho
Now she’s mad at me, cause Your Majesty, just happened to be
A pimp, what a tragedy
She wanted, us to end, cause I fucked with friends
She gave me one more chance and I fucked her again
I seen her tears as she busted in, I said, “Shit
There’s a draft, shut the door bitch and come on in!”

White Translation
My place of residence contains a considerable amount of contraceptives because I have sex with many different women
It also happens to be where I come up with the lyrics for these rap songs
Rapping and fucking. That’s pretty much all I do
Wasn’t that apparent from my last album?
I rap really fast. It’s similar to me firing off an assault rifle because it’s so quick
Except unlike a gun, I never run out of ammo. [1]
You are mad because I had sexual relations with your woman
I know this upset you
Now you’re acting tough but we know you aren’t because you’ve never been battle- tested like me
You don’t know how to make your woman happy and you wanted to marry this promiscuous girl [2]
But now she’s mad at me because she is not my only girl. I also have a sexual relationship with other women
She wanted to break up with me because I had sex with her friends
She gave me another chance but I had sex with her friends again!
But I am so desirable that I am not even fazed when she catches me in the act of cheating
I just invite her in and ask if she would like to join us. I have no concerns for her feelings.
My only concerns are getting my dick wet [preferably with two girls] and not having cold air rush into the house [3]

The Game RapperThe Game How We Do

Fresh like, unhh; Impala, unnh
Chrome hydraulics, 808 drums
You don’t want, none
N-gga betta, run
When beef is on, I’ll pop that, trunk
Come get, some
Pistol grip, pump
If a n-gga step on my white Air Ones [4]
Since red rum [5]
Ready here I, come
Compton, unh
Dre found me in the, slums
Selling that skunk, one hand on my gun
I was selling rocks when Master P was saying “Unnnh” [6]
Buck pass the blunt
These G-Unit girls just wanna have, fun
Coke and rum
Got weed on the ton
I’m banging with my hand up her dress like, unh
I’ll make her cum, purple haze in my lungs
Whole gang in the front in case a n-gga wanna, stunt

White Translation
I’m driving a Chevrolet Impala. It is looking SHARP
It features an expensive engine. I also have a drum machine to make musical beats
You do not want to have an altercation with me
You should run the other way if you do
If we reach an impasse, I will go into my trunk and pull out one of the many illegal weapons I own
If you were to step on my white sneakers and get them dirty that is reason enough for me to murder you
I am from a really bad neighborhood
Dr. Dre, who hails from the same bad neighborhood, discovered me
I’m selling weed, with one hand one my gun incase someone tries to rob me
Pass me some of that marijuana
These girls who hang with 50 cent want to have fun
I’m drinking a Cuba Libre
and I posses a large amount of weed
I have my hand up this woman’s skirt and I’m grunting
I will make her achieve an orgasm all while I smoke weed
All my friends are here incase someone wants to fight me. They will help keep me safe.


Lil’ Kim- It’s All About the Benjamins


What the blood clot [7]
Want to bumble with the Bee huh [8]
Bzzz throw a hex on the whole family
Dressed in all black like The Omen
Have your friends singing “this is for my homies” [9]
And you know me from making niggas so sick
Floss in my six with the ‘Lex on the wrist
If it’s murder, you know she wrote it
German Ruger for your ass bitch, deep throat it
Know you want to fill the room because it’s platinum coated
Take your pick, got a firearm you should’ve toted
Suck a dick all that bullshit you kick
Player hating from the sideline
Get your own shit, why you riding mine
I’m a Goodfella kinda lady
Stash 380s in Mercedes, Puffy hold me down baby
Only female in my crew and I kick shit
Like a n-gga do, pull the trigger too, fuck you!

White Translation
What the Fuck?
You want to mess with me
I’ll hurt your entire family
I’m wearing all black
You will be dead and your friends will be mourning you
I’ll be showing off my Mercedes Benz SL600 and the Rolex watch on my wrist
If there’s murder, I am probably responsible
I will shoot you with a gun made in Germany
And although I don’t have a dick, you should suck it in a metaphorical way
You know you want to shoot us because we are successful rappers who have sold millions of records
You should have brought a weapon
You are jealous of our success and criticize us, yet you don’t actually attempt to do it any better
I’m a gangster lady
I stash guns in my aforementioned Mercedes. Hey Puff Daddy, keep me from doing something stupid!
I’m the only female in our rap group
But just like I a man, I can shoot a gun too. FUCK YOU!

Foot Notes
1 Jay-Z is using the word ammo as a metaphor for lyrics. He is so good that he never stops coming up with new lyrics.
2. In my research, it was revealed that he apparently fucked rival rapper Nas’s woman and is referring to that here. Nas and Jay-Z had a well-documented “beef”–as they say in the rap game. In fact both rappers wrote an entire song devoted to dissing each other. See “Ether” for Nas and “Takeover” for Jay-Z
3. Wait…I thought he lived in a condo. How is there a draft?
4. Air Ones is short for Air Force Ones—a popular type of Nike sneakers
5. Red rum is murder spelled backwards. It’s a reference to the movie “The Shining”
6. “Make em say Unh” was a song released by Master P in 1997. The Game is saying he has been selling drugs since then.
7. A Jamaican phrase referencing menstrual cycles, which basically means “What the Fuck?”
8. As is the case with all rappers, they create several names for themselves in order to rap more words together. Lil’ Kim is also known as the Queen Bee
9. It is customary in gangsta culture, to “Pour out some liquor for the homies” in remembrance of the friends and family they have lost. [See the end of this Boyz II Men video]

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    Instant classic!!

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