Rap Lyrics Translated for White People: Volume 6

It’s time for another version of the LWB staple, Rap Lyrics Translated for White People! Recently, other sites have tried to duplicate this feature but they have failed to match the quality that a fairly unknown, sparsely updated blog focused on men’s lifestyle, can provide. I won’t link to those lame sites here since I don’t want to give them free publicity. But in the words of Jay-Z, whose lyrics are translated in this post, “for playin’ me, y’all shall ever remain nameless.”

Check out translated songs from Ludacris, Jay-Z, Three Six Mafia, Foxy Brown and Flo Rida below…

Southern Hospitality- Ludacris

All my playas in tha house that can buy the bar
And them ballin ass n-ggas wit the candy cars
If you a pimp and you know you don’t luv dem hoes
When you get on the floor
N-gga throw dem bows
All my women in tha house if you chasin cash
And you got some big titties wit a matchin ass
Wit your fly ass boots or ya open toes
When you get on tha floor
N-gga throw dem bows

White Translation
To all the successful men with lots of money that are in this club tonight
And the show-offs who arrive with cars that have custom paint jobs
If you have sex with a lots of women but don’t want to commit to these slutty girls
When you enter the dance floor, point your elbows upwards and wave them around violently as you dance
To all the women in this club if you are seeking to make money by becoming intimate with a rich man
And you have large breasts and a rotund backside
With your fashionable footwear
When you arrive on the dance floor, my friend, point your elbows upwards and wave them around violently as you dance

Take you Home With Me- Jay-Z/ R. Kelly

She get it from her momma..
You can’t tie a sweater over that ass, it hotter than pajamas
We lay back, blowin ganja
DVD, she make it hard to watch a flat TV – WHOA
I crept up behind her
Mami threw it like a quarterback, I caught that like Rice
I call mami Montana, bandana
Tied her hands up – this is gangsta love
Threw on a rap CD, we gangsta fucked
This ain’t R&B smooth, I ain’t a R&B dude
Poured a glass of Army, got mami in the mood [1]
Then she stripped for me like the “Moulin Rouge”
I think I might wife her
Y’know, powder blue Roc-a-Wear suit, white Nike her [2]

White Translation
Her large buttocks trait was passed down to her from her mother
The circumference of her ass is so large that you could not even tie a sweater around her waist. It is very attractive.
We are relaxing, smoking weed
But she is making it hard to focus on anything else but her
This girl put her ass in my general vicinity and I was happy to receive it. To use a sports metaphor, it was like Joe Montana throwing a pass to Jerry Rice. [3]
We had sex. I tied her hands up while we made love because we like it a little rough
I threw on my favorite song and we had sex while it played
I poured a glass of vodka for her so she would let go of her inhibition and be more in the mood to have sex with me
It worked. She got naked after that
I like her so much that I may make her my girlfriend
I will buy her the clothes and sneakers she desires

Three Six MafiaPoppin’ My Colla- Three Six Mafia

Now ever since I could remember I been poppin my collar
Poppin poppin my collar, Poppin poppin my collar
Every since I could remember I been working this hoes
And they betta put my money in my hand

Now when it comes to getting bread I got the keys to the bakery
A lot of dudes swear they play man they some fakery
Let me catch a girl up out some work in mah site
And believe I’m gon be atcha in the daylight with a flashlight
I’m tryin to get paid however money is made
A lot dudes like to pay ladies to get laid
But me I ain’t no pimp, I just love to borrow
Paper from a fat bitch, a ugly bitch, a model fa real

White Translation
Now ever since I could remember, I’ve been working as a pimp
Ever since I could remember I have been employing prostitutes
These women better come back with my money

When it comes to making money, I am so good at it, it’s like I own a store that specializes in making money.
A lot of other men say they are as good as I am at making money, but they are lying
If I find a girl making money from sex in my neighborhood
I’m gonna find her and get that money no matter what measures I have to take
I want to make money in any way possible
There is plenty of eager clientele in my area that are willing to pay for sex
But I’m not really a pimp
I just like to take the money from all types of women

Jay-Z/ Foxy Brown- Ain’t No N-gga

Yo, ain’t no stopping this, no lie
Promise to stay monogamous, I try
But love you know these ho’s be making me weak
Y’all know how it goes B so I stay deep

[Foxy Brown]
What up boo just keep me laced in the illest snakes
Bank rolls and shit, back rubs in the french tubs
Macking this bitch, wifee n-gga
So when you flip that coke
Remember the days you was dead broke
But now you style and I raised you
Basically made you into a don
Flipping weight, heroin and shit
You know the pussy is all that
That’s why I get baguettes, 5 carats and all that

White Translation
There is no stopping me
I promise to be true to you. I really try
But I cannot resist the temptation to sleep with all these beautiful women
You know how it is. So I just give in and sleep with them.

[Foxy Brown]
Hi, my boyfriend. It’s ok if you cheat on me. Just keep buying me expensive leather shoes and our relationship will flourish
Give me lots of money and show me a luxurious lifestyle
I’m the type of woman you settle down with
I am the woman behind the man. So when you are making all this money selling cocaine, don’t forget about the girl who cared for you even when you did not have a lot of money
I played a major role in your successful drug business
You know I give you some of the best sex you ever had
So be sure to treat me to fine dining, diamonds and other luxuries

Flo Rida WhistleWhistle- Flo Rida

I’m betting you like people
And I’m betting you love freak mode
And I’m betting you like girls that give love to girls
And stroke your little ego [4]
I bet you I’m guilty your honor
That’s just how we live in my genre
Who in the hell done paved the road wider? [5]
There’s only one flo, and one rida
I’m a damn shame
Order more champagne, pull a damn hamstring
Tryna put it on ya
Bet your lips spin back around corner
Slow it down baby take a little longer

Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby
Let me know
Girl I’m gonna show you how to do it
And we start real slow
You just put your lips together
And you come real close
Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby
Here we go

White Translation
I’m betting you enjoy lots of sex
I’m betting that you are into kinky sexual activities
I’m also willing to bet you enjoy having other women perform oral sex on you
I’m guilty of these dirty thoughts
That’s just how rappers like me live
Have you ever been with anyone that has a bigger dick than me?
There’s no one like me
I know I’m bad
Let’s order more champagne so we are drunk and less inhibited. Our sex is gonna be so rough, I may pull a hamstring trying to fuck you
I bet you my dick will fill up your entire mouth
Now don’t go too fast when you perform oral sex on me. Do it slow!

Can you give me a blow job baby?
Please provide me with an answer
I’ll show you how to do it. Put your lips around my penis
And get really close
Can you give me a blow job baby?


1. Short for Armadale Vodka. Jay-Z purchased the U.S. distribution rights from the Scottish Vodka company in 2002. This song came out around the same time. This was an easy way for Jay-Z to plug his newest business venture.
2. Roc-A-Wear is a clothing line that Jay-Z started. More product placement from Jay-Z
3. Joe Montana was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in 80s and 90s. Jerry Rice was one of his receivers for six of those years. They are widely believed to be the best QB/ WR combo in NFL history. So Jay-Z is saying that this woman’s ass and his dick are a great combination.
4. Flo Rida is saying this woman likes to have her pussy licked by other women. But he does it in way so that his songs can still be played on top 40 stations. Brilliant!
5. Flo Rida is using another brilliant metaphor. He is saying his dick is so large that it will spread this woman’s vagina wider than any other man that she is been with. It’s similar to a road being paved. Since he hints earlier in the verse that this woman is promiscuous, it’s likely that she has seen quite a few dicks. If Flo Rida’s statement his true, this is an impressive accomplishment!

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