Rap Lyrics Translated for White People Vol II

Rap Lyrics Translated for White People is back for its second edition!  This time I’ve gone even more in-depth to help the lyrically-challenged caucasians out there.  To even further help you earn some “street-cred” with the one black guy you know, I’ve added footnotes to educate you even more.

Gimme the Loot- Notorious B.I.G
I’m slamming n*ggaz like Shaquille, shit is real
When it’s time to eat a meal I rob and steal
cause Mom Duke ain’t giving me shit
so for the bread and butter I leave n*ggaz in the gutter
Huh, word to mother, I’m dangerous
Crazier than a bag of fucking Angel Dust
When I bust my gat motherfuckers take dirt naps
I’m all that and a dime sack, where the paper at?

White Translation
I’m slamming people to the ground like Shaquille O’Neal slams a basketball
When I need money, I rob people
Because my mom is poor
So for the money I kill people
I’m dangerous
I’m crazy
When I shoot my gun, people die
I’m all that plus a bag of weed. Where’s the money?

Dr. Dre- Let Me Ride
Creepin’ down the back street on Deez
I got my glock cocked cuz n*ggaz want these
Now soon as I said it, seems I got sweated
By some n*gga with a tech 9 tryin’ to take mine
ya wanna make noise, make noise
I make a phone call my n*ggaz comin’ like the Gotti boys
bodies bein’ found on Greenleaf
with their fuckin heads cut off, motherfucker i’m Dre
so listen to the play-by-play, day-by-day
rollin’ in my ‘4 with 16 switches
And got sounds for the bitches, clockin’ all the riches
Got the hollow points for the snitches
So would you just walk on by, cuz I’m too hard to lift
and no this ain’t Aerosmith
It’s the motherfuckin D-R-E, from the CPT
on a ryhmin’ spree, a straight G
Hop back as i pop my top ya trip
I let the hollow points commence to POP POP POP
yeah, cuz if it don’t stop
I have to put my shit in reverse go back and take anothers stop
Cause I’m (Rollin in my six-fo’)
with all the n*ggaz sayin

White Translation
I’m sneaking down the back streets
I got my gun in hand because other people want all my riches
As soon as I say this, some thug with a machine gun is trying to take my riches
You want to fight, let’s fight
I make one call and all my friends will be here really fast
There will be bodies found with their heads cut off. My name is Andre and I am crazy bastard
Listen to these words, every day
I’m driving my car with hydraulic suspension [1]
And I got great songs for the women, I’m making lots of money
I will shoot anyone who rats me out to the cops
When you see me, keep on walking. It will be hard for you to steal from me
This ain’t Aerosmith,
This is mothafucking Dr. Dre. I’m from Compton, CA [2]
I’m rhyming my words really well. I’m a gangster
Watch out when I take the top off my convertible
I start shooting those hollow point bullets again. POP, POP, POP
It’ll never stop
After I’m done with my drive-by. I’ll go in reverse and shoot some more
Cause I’m driving in my classic car
All the black people sayin….

Young Buc- Poppin Them Thangs
Read the paper, look at the news
We on the front page
Yeah we in the Bahamas with AK’s on the stage
The ice and the Jacob watch make a broke n*gga take somethin’
So I gotta keep the four fifth with no safety button
G-Unit getting’ money
I know some artists is starvin’
But play the game like they rich to me this shit funny
I know you see me comin’
Cuz on the front of the Maybach
It say payback for those who hated on me
I hate when n*ggas claim they bangin’ a gang
You ain’t no crip like snoop
You ain’t no blood like game
See I’ve been having beef
I have my own bullet proof vest
Most of my enemies dead I got about two left
Until my last breath I’m sendin’ n*ggas bullet holes
Innocent bystanders get hit tryin’ to be heroes
You know how we roll
Every where that we go
It’s fo’ fos’, calicos, and desert eagles (yeah) [3]

White Translation
Check out the newspaper
We are on the front page
There was this concert in the Bahamas. We held up guns while we performed
I have a ridiculously expensive watch that all the rappers buy
Because of that I take the safety off my gun. You never know when someone will want to rob me
My crew is making a lot of cash
There are other rappers who aren’t making a lot of money
But they pretend to have money. I find this amusing
When I’m on the street, you can’t help but see me
Because I drive a high-end Mercedes-Benz
I hate when people say they part of a gang
You aren’t a crip [4]like the rapper Snoop Dogg
You aren’t a blood [5] like the rapper Game
I have a lot of people mad at me
So I wear a bullet-proof vest
I’ve killed most of enemies. There are two remaining
Until I die, I’m going to be killing my rivals
Innocent bystanders might get killed too. That’s what you get for trying to be a hero
That’s how we do it
Every where we go
We have three types of guns (yes)

Juvenile-Back That Ass Up
Girl you workin with some ass yeah, you bad yeah
Make a n*gga spend his cash yeah, his last yeah
Hoes frown when you pass yeah, they mad yeah
You gon’ ride in the Jag yeah, with that head
You could smoke or buy a bag yeah, of grass yeah
Got money I can flash yeah, and trash yeah
I’ma Big Tymer n*gga yeah, pull the trigger yeah

White Translation
Girl you have a big ass, yes
It makes me want to spend money on you, yes
Other girls are jealous of your ass, yes
I will give you a ride in my Jaguar, yes
You can smoke my weed, yes
I will whip out my large wads of cash and flash it, yes
I’m a big timer, shoot the gun, yes

M.O.P- Ante Up!
Ante Up! Yap that fool!
Ante Up! Kidnap that fool!
It’s the perfect timin, you see the man shinin
Get up off them god damn diamonds! Huh!
Ante Up! Oh! Yap that fool! Oh!
Ante Up! Oh! Kidnap that fool!
Get him (get him) get him! Hit him (hit him) hit him!
Yap him! (Zap him!) Yap him! (Zap him!)

White Translation
Give me your money! Rob that fool
Give me your money! Kidnap that fool
It’s perfect timing when you see a guy with nice jewelry walking down the street
Take off those diamonds!
Give me your money. Rob that fool!
Give me your money. Kidnap that fool!
Get him. Get him. Shoot him, Shoot him!
Steal from him! Steal from him!

Jay-Z- Izzo (H.O.V.A)
H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A
Fo’ shizzle my nizzle used to dribble down in VA
Was herbin’ em in the home of the Terrapins
Got it dirt cheap for them
Plus if they was short wit’ cheese I would work wit’ them
Boy and we…got rid of that dirt for them
Wasn’t born hustlers I was burpin’ em
H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A
Fo’ sheezy my neezy keep my arms so breezy
Can’t leave rap alone the game needs me
Haters want me clapped and chromed it ain’t easy
Cops wanna knock me, D.A. wanna box me in
But somehow, I beat them charges like Rocky

White Translation
H.O.V.A That spells HOVA. [7]
For sure, my black friend, I used to hang out in Virginia
I was selling drugs in Maryland [8]
I got a pretty good deal on these drugs
If the people I sold them to were short on cash, I would help them out
I sold drugs pretty well
I trained these guys to be drug dealers
For sure my black friend, I have guns
I can’t stop rapping. This rap industry needs me
People who don’t like me want to see me shot in the head. It’s hard
Cops want to arrest me.  The District Attorney wants to put me in prison
But somehow I beat those charges like our favorite fictional white boxer.

Ice Cube- It was a Good Day
Just wakin up in the mornin gotta thank God
I don’t know but today seems kinda odd
No barkin from the dog, no smog
And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog (damn)
I got my grub on, but didn’t pig out
Finally got a call from a girl I wanna dig out
(Whassup?) Hooked it up for later as I hit the do’
Thinkin will I live, another twenty-fo’
I gotta go cause I got me a drop top
And if I hit the switch, I can make the ass drop
Had to stop, at a red light
Lookin in my mirror and not a jacker in sight
And everything is alright
I got a beep from Kim, and she can fuck all night
Called up the homies and I’m askin y’all
Which park, are y’all playin basketball?
Get me on the court and I’m trouble
Last week fucked around and got a triple double
Freakin n*ggaz everyway like M.J.
I can’t believe, today was a good day (shit!)

White Translation
I just woke up. No one has killed me. Thank God!
Today seems peculiar
The dog is quiet. There is no smog
My mom cooked a nice breakfast
I ate a lot but not TOO much
I got a call from a girl I want to have relations with
I have to go because I have a convertible
My car is equipped with hydraulics, which makes the bottom of the car hit the ground
I looked in my rearview mirror. No one is trying to rob me.
That pleases me
I got a page from Kim. She likes to have lots of sex
Called up my friends. Where are you playing basketball?
I am really good at basketball
Last week I did really well. I scored 10 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and had 10 assists.
My moves are similar to Michael Jordan
Today was a good day (alright!)

1. A feature that rappers use that allows their cars to bounce up and down. See “Nuttin’ But a “G’ Thang Video
2.A low-income town in Southern California with a high-murder rate. Many “West Coast” rappers hail from Compton.
3. These are guns you’ve probably only seen when playing Call of Duty on your Xbox
4. A Los Angeles based gang.
5. A different Los Angeles based gang. Rivals with the Crips
6. Juvenile is the worst rapper ever
7. HOVA is one of the 25 different nicknames Jay-Z has given himself. This enables him to rhyme just about any word with his name.
8. The Terrapins is the mascot for the University of Maryland: Hence “herbin’ em in the home of terrapins”

14 comments for “Rap Lyrics Translated for White People Vol II

  1. January 21, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    This picture makes Tupac roll in his grave

  2. Franky
    January 22, 2010 at 1:13 am

    Haha, great series! Keep em coming.

  3. Pingback: Muff Slap Recap 1/22/10
  4. eenerbl
    February 12, 2010 at 12:52 am

    I just had a good laugh, that was great!

  5. February 15, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    brilliant stuff….you have some great series concepts….I wanna see punch random strangers in the face come back!!
    .-= drFaust´s last blog ..6 Things I Learnt from a Men’s Islamic Dating Website =-.

  6. March 18, 2010 at 10:26 am

    I am a white person. I also happen to be a white person who very much enjoys rap music. Just two weeks ago, I frequented a Jay-Z concert in Greensboro, NC. For the first time ever I knew what it felt like to be a minority. Anyways, I know all of the lyrics to just about every Jay-Z song, but I have never really known what they meant. Thank you for enlightening me on the true meaning of Izzo.

    I especially enjoyed the translation:

    — Haters want me clapped and chromed it ain’t easy

    — People who don’t like me want to see me shot in the head. It’s hard

    I imagine that would be hard. However, is constructive criticism allowed? In the Ice Cube one, you said that ‘And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog (damn)’ means that his mom cooked him a good breakfast. It sounds more like he’s upset that his mom didn’t cook him bacon. No?

    Anyways, I love this post! I’m officially following you on twitter!
    .-= Jane Duke´s last blog ..Spring Break DOs and DON’Ts =-.

  7. March 18, 2010 at 11:55 am

    hahhaha. Thanks Jane. I’m glad you liked it.

    You make a good point. I remember thinking the same thing about the Ice Cube song but I felt it was contradictory, so I just wrote “good breakfast.” Seems to me not having bacon would be a bad thing. Why would that be included in a song called “It was a Good Day.” Doesn’t everyone like Bacon? Maybe Ice Cube is a vegetarian.

  8. Scooter Hooder
    May 17, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    “Wasn’t born hustlers I was burpin’ em”
    “Wasn’t born hustlers I was BIRTHIN’ em”
    They weren’t born selling drugs (hustling), I taught them how”

    “Fo’ sheezy my neezy keep my arms so breezy”
    Yes, my black friend, I wear a lot of jewlery (nothing to do with guns).
    Breezy=windy=cold=ice (which looks similar to diamonds)=jewlery

    “Haters want me clapped in chrome”
    People want me handcuffed because they are jealous of my riches.

    (how i interpret it)

  9. May 17, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    You might be right Scooter. That seems to make more sense.

  10. NorCal
    July 8, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Your footnote #2 is incorrect. Compton is in SOUTHERN California.

  11. Brotha Jay
    October 16, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    ICE CUBE – NO Hog: Many Black folk don’t eat pork – so possibly it refers to not having it on the plate as a good thing.

  12. Ryan
    August 31, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    This is a good service, once I used to do for fun for my friends.

    However, I’m slightly bothered that the translations are titled as ‘White Translation’ as though blacks can’t speak proper English.

    Also, in your translations, you sometimes interpret n*ggas to mean ‘all black people’, whereas it could have many different meanings, including the rapper’s male friends (Dr. Dre – Let Me Ride) or just a close group of friends. Your translation seems to lump all blacks in one category, and that is certainly not the case.

  13. September 2, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    @Ryan…Thank you for leaving constructive criticism without being a jerk about it. Most people who have a problem with what I write leave a comment that just attacks me.

    The term “white translation” does not imply that blacks can’t speak proper English. It means that rap lyrics generally portrays language and slang that white people have no clue about it. When you break down this slang into proper English then it sounds humorous.

    You are probably right about the Dr. Dre translation. It would have been better to define it as his close group of friends instead of lumping all black people in there.

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