Quite Possibly the Greatest Site Ever Created

No it’s not my site, unfortunately. The other day a friend of mine turned me on to a site called Lamebook. To those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a site compiled of posts from people’s Facebook pages that are usually inappropriate, dumb and hilarious.

I went on there for the first time yesterday and I spent a good hour laughing my face off. Sites like this piss me off because I wasn’t the one to think of such an awesome idea…Especially when I wrote a post called Facebook Pet Peeves, which outlined a number of the issues that appear on Lamebook.

Here I am trying to come up with creative posts to write to get a few hundred readers a day, while the owner of this site just posts a few pictures and is probably getting thousands of views each day.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite posts that I found yesterday. Take a look.

3-Likeable Moments
Good Ol Uncle Jenn
Krazy Kathy

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  1. Blank Label says:

    that’s f-ing awesome.
    thanks for sharing ur favorites!

  2. Krauss says:

    Everyone in this computer lab is looking at me sideways. Fucking fantastic.

  3. heavealie says:

    haha awesome site.thx for sharing man!!!

  4. I love this site, it’s hilarious. Always a good way to pick me up when I’m down.
    .-= Cartoon Games´s last blog ..Mario Ghosthouse =-.

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