More Crazy Google Searches

Every few months I like to take a look at Google Analytics and see what search terms have brought people to my site. With the number of articles I’ve posted constantly going up and my authority with Google increasing, I am seeing more and more crazy Google searches.

I last did this in June, so here are some of the outrageous searches that have brought people to Living with Balls since then. As always, I have not made a single one of these up. I have only fixed misspellings and grammar. I’ve also taken the time to break these down into categories.

Needless to say, a site called “Living with Balls,” that talks about farts, porn and uses multiple synonyms when describing the female anatomy allows for some wild search results.  Brace yourself…

The answer is yes
Do men like when a woman’s tits flop around during sex?

The answer is no
Is it ok to wear a midriff if you have a muffin top?

Good Question? I don’t have an answer
Are Gianna Michaels’ parents proud of her?
How much money would it cost to have sex with Gianna Michaels?
Do teenage girls always resent men’s balls?
How to rap if you are white
Why do fucking assholes ask me questions since they’re not going to like the answers ?
What idiot bought a Snuggie?
Reasons why someone would be a Mets fan
How to fart in octaves
Why do rappers make selling cocaine sound so easy?
Are women turned on visually by large balls?
Given the history of slavery why are black women attracted to white boys?
Why doesn’t king kong have testicals?

I can answer these ones
my wife is a bitch before her period, what can I do
Read this
tits why are they so great?
Read this too…
would you rather lick a woman’s ass or suck her tits
Suck her tits
Can you wear a wife beater if you’re Italian?
Of course…We invented them. Where do you think the phrase wife beater came from?
Do Duggars do oral sex?
Probably not
Can c cups motorboat during sex?
Yup those are big enough
Can u watch porn and study?
Sure but you’ll probably fail

Cameron Diaz not as pretty as she once was
The girls with nice buns are much more fun.
If you use emoticons you probably aren’t getting laid
Mariah Carey got great tits
I just love a nice pair of tits and a round ass
People that leave the stickers on new era hats are douchebags
I’m in need of tits

Some people have some disturbing fetishes
free videos men who like their balls punched
girls with tits that stick straight out
80 yr old flat titties
girl jacks off guy and punches him in the balls
testicle slap punch porno video
donkey punch and cosby sweater
girls grab horse ballshot
hot celebrities with acne scars
Rex Ryan, porn
woman with 3 tits
flat grandma tits
freaky hanging balls on men
girls taking a dump at work
I love my grandma’s tits

You know how I know you’re gay?
picture of Derek Jeter in a dress
random guys jerking off
I wanna lick balls for a living

That’s a little harsh
Every time I see your face I wanna punch a baby
I want to punch your toilet in the face
hate the word ‘bork’ it makes you wanna punch whoever says it.
punch that fat fuck right in the fuckin face

Are these serious questions? If so, you’re an idiot
what are tits?
is a woman’ rack and titties the same thing?
do schools get off on bj day?
what are the round balls in a man’s sack?
where do a guys balls go when he’s riding his bike?

You’re a whore
things to say to get a guy hard over aim
if i I had a condom, I’d fuck random men
I like having sex with random guys

I’m not sure what this is but it sounds fun
is a c cup big enough for a tit wank?

Dear God, I hope these web sites don’t exist
ball crushing male cousins websites
website dedicated to mens nuts

That’s quite a specific URL
www. woman who love to suck and bite by woman breast

The pedophiles are going to start using Bing because clearly Google is sending them to the wrong place
12 year old with d size boobs getting ass fucked
14 year old white nice ass and big boobs
girls fucking with guys in front of children
boys licking balls

That’s it?
watching porn 3 times a week

Good luck with THAT!
my dick head has cottage cheese on it

As if that guy from Grey’s Anatomy didn’t have enough going for him…
“Patrick Dempsey has large balls”

I’m Jealous
I fuck women for a living

It’s bound to happen eventually
My wife’s saggy tits

Yeah but you’re still fat
I’m fat but I have nice tits and ass

I don’t really have a category for this one. I just threw it in here because it’s awesome
do you like this girl? You need to go out and slay about 10 bitches

2 comments for “More Crazy Google Searches

  1. ThatAintKosher
    December 19, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    I resent the article (or whatever it is) about why someone would be a Mets fan. The answer to is WE DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER.

    Also, what idiot bought a Snuggie? That would be me. But it was for a friend, for her birthday. She requested it.

    See: Why someone would be a Mets fan.

  2. December 22, 2010 at 11:30 am

    I actually bought a snuggie for my wife once. I’m not sure why. I think my cat sleeps on it now.

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