Living with Balls is Two Years Old!!

Yup. It’s time to bust out the Fudgie the Whale cake once again. Living with Balls is officially two years old!

Two years ago, I wrote this lame intro. A day later I wrote my first “real” post, which talked about how to separate chores when living with a woman. 277 posts have gone up since then and somehow I’ve managed to keep motivated writing new posts despite slow growth. There’s a fine line between persistent and stubborn and I’m probably hovering right on the border. Though the progress has been slow, it’s been consistent since the start and that gradual growth keeps me going.

Let’s hope year three is a good one for Living with Balls. If you’re a fan of this site and want to get me something, just go tell a friend how much you like it here.

Here are some notable facts from the past year…

Most Viewed Post
Is it Gay: Owning a Cat

This was thanks to who somehow discovered my web site and linked to this story. This link brought me thousands of visitors over the course of just a couple days.

Most Commented Post
Is it Gay: Owning a Cat

This was also because of the link from Cracked. Most people enjoyed the debate, while a few were offended by my use of the word gay, which I expected when I started the series.

Most Shared Post
A Flowchart for Removing Facebook Friends

I’d say this was probably the best post I did all year and many people seemed to agree with me as it got a couple hundred Facebook shares (though for whatever reason it no longer shows that on the plugin at the bottom of each post. Just take my word for it). Nothing inspires me to write more than the stupidity of others and you can find plenty of idiots on Facebook.

Most Popular Month
March 2011

This was also skewed because of the several thousand referrals I got from in March.

Goals for the next year…
1. Continue to get more readers by consistently coming up with original, funny content
2. That’s my only goal. Everything else is dependent on getting more readers.

2 comments for “Living with Balls is Two Years Old!!

  1. Nugs
    July 30, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    Congrats on turning two! When I turned two all I did was throw a massive tantrum and smear shit all over the floor.

    Also the only reason I am about to offer you a birthday drink on me is because I recently was forced to leave NYC and won’t be around to pay up.

  2. August 1, 2011 at 8:54 am

    Thanks Nugs! Where are you headed now that you are leaving NYC?

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