Links of the Week: November 20, 2009

denise-milaniThe girl to your left is named Denise Milani. I stumbled across photos of her recently and was blown away. So I thought I’d share this picture of her.  She might have the most wonderful set of fake tities I have ever seen. You can see more pictures at her web site here. 

Don’t get too distracted because you’ll need to focus on some great links found on the web this week.

So your girl won’t let you go down on her? Aside from the fact you don’t know what you’re doing, here are some other reasons why. 

Thanks to Spewf, I also recently discovered a girl named Tiffany Toth. Take a look. Not safe for work

Great article from guyism about the five dumbest criminals foiled by Facebook.

I stumbled across this post called “Oh Shit Moments.”  If you’re having a rough day, this might make you feel better.

50 Cent has had beef with a lot of people…but Marv Albert?

If you’re stuck carving the turkey this Thanksgiving, here is some good advice on how to do it like a man.

I  think Tim Lincecum deserved to win but Keith Law didn’t even put Carpenter on his ballot! That’s hard to believe.

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