Links of the Week: December 4, 2009

Booty-21Here is the latest edition of the LwB’s Links of the Week. In this edition, we have hot chicks in booty shorts, a man marrying a video game character, a Serena Williams wardrobe malfunction and MUCH MORE.

If I ever have a daughter, this is why she will NOT be going away to school

Looking for some good ornaments for the tree? These adult Christmas ornaments could do the trick.

Yes. I agree. Toilet Paper is handy

Hot chicks in booty shorts.  That’s all I have to say.

Don’t know what to buy someone for the holidays? The Art of Manliness has some good ideas

Rumors and Rants compares the 2008 Detroit Lions with the 2009 New Jersey Nets

Can’t say I’ve ever been this desperate to land a woman

How I Met Your Mother meets Frosty the Snowman

Serena Williams apparently had a wardrobe malfunction recently

Check out the 10 worst baseball free-agent signings of all-time

This is probably the worst-selling back issue of playboy magazine ever

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