Links of the Week: December 30, 2009

Here is this week’s edition of Links of the Week.  Every week LwB scans man blogs for some amusing and informative content.  This week we have 9 high school classmates you’ll see over Christmas break, a baseball hall-of-fame debate and much more. So check it out.

Girls and Relationships
In light of Tara Reid posing for playboy recently, Spewf suggest three other celebs who should follow suit.  I wouldn’t mind seeing any of these girls in Playboy. It’ll never happen though.

For those that are married, here is some good marriage advice from Engaged Marriage

From the Art of Manliness, here are 13 things a man should keep in his car.  I have maybe two of them. However, I have AAA so I should be ok.

A great debate here by Muff Slap. Would you rather be Tom Brady or Justin Timberlake?  Tough call but if I had to choose, I’d probably go with Justin Timberlake. Having to deal with Bill Bellichick everyday is not something I’d want to do.

Observing Casually makes a case for Bert Blyleven to be in the hall-of-fame.

This kid is adorable…. 

COED Magazine lists the 9 high school classmates you’ll see over Christmas break.  This is hilarious and so true.

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Awesome round-up, man! I’m honored to be included.

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