Lack of Sex Could Drive you to Drink

man at bar A new study by the University of California-San Francisco is suggesting that males who have trouble getting laid will be more likely to drink alcohol than their male counterparts who are fortunate enough to engage in frequent sexual activity.

Researchers found that male fruit flies who had recently mated were less likely to choose food laced with alcohol than those who failed to get their dick wet. The rejected male fruit flies drank from the spiked mixture about 70 percent of the time, compared to about 50 percent of the time for the lucky flies who got their nut off. Apparently the researchers believe that the flies were using the alcohol as a way to compensate for their sexual frustration.

The researchers found that levels of a chemical active in the brain called neuropeptide F, or NPF, correlated strongly with the flies’ appetite for alcohol: when levels of NPF were low, alcohol consumption was high, and vice versa.

The NPF molecule in flies is thought to be analogous to the action of chemical called neuropeptide Y in humans, or NPY. The new study suggests that scientists could reduce drinking by developing drugs that enhance the activity of NPY,

“The study implies that it is this system that goes haywire in addiction,” said George Koob, a professor of neurobiology and addiction at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif., “and that it’s very sensitive to stress. For instance, after you lose a loved one, or a relationship has crashed, you get dysphoric, your NPY goes down, and this provides a strong urge to drink a lot — whether you’re a mammal or a fruit fly.”

This is definitely an interesting study, though I’d like to propose a different hypothesis… Maybe these fruit flies weren’t compensating for their sexual frustration. Maybe they struck out with the ladies because they lacked game. Since they couldn’t work up the courage to talk them sober, they had a little bit of alcohol so they could loosen up a bit, lose their inhibition and gain the confidence to charm the lady fruit flies. That was usually my strategy when I attempted to pick up chicks.

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