It’s Good to be a New York Jets Fan

new york jets logoIt’s good to be a New York Jets fan right now. That is a sentence I haven’t said many times in my life. I may have said it briefly last year but then Brett Favre and Eric Mangini quickly brought me down to Earth. This year is different, however. The Jets are now 3-0 after a 24-17 win over the Titans Sunday and all signs point to this team being for real. Here are a few reasons why the Jets will not disappoint their fans this season (for once).

Rex Ryan is the top reason why the Jets will not falter this year. This guy knows what he’s doing. The Ravens were the most dominant defense in the league when he was a defensive coordinator there. Now the Jets look like the most dominant defense in the league.

Also, he’s just awesome. The fans love him and the players love him. For once, the Jets are not only good, but exciting. Even in the few good years they had with Chad Pennington and Herm Edwards, they were a boring team to watch. Chad would dink and dunk the team to a boring 13-10 win. Now they’re flying all over the field, laying people out and making big plays.

Through three games Mark Sanchez has shown he has what it takes to be a QB in the National Football League. Sanchez has shown great poise and decision-making for a rookie QB. After yesterday’s win, during the post-game news conference, he said the two fumbles he made were unacceptable and that he needs to get better. His numbers don’t blow you away at this point but he’s been solid enough to win ball games.

One concern for the Jets coming into the season was their lack of receiver talent. So far, Jerricho Cotchery has shown he can handle being a # 1 receiver. Cotchery turned in a big effort Sunday, catching eight balls for 108 yards and a score. On the season he has 18 receptions for 285 yards.

Not only are the Jets undefeated, but they have played against some of the best teams in the league. They shut down a potent Houston Texans offense in week 1, then stifled Tom Brady and the Patriots in week two and they took care of the Titans Sunday. Now the Titans are 0-3 but anyone who has watched them play can see they are a good team. It’s only a matter of time before they turn it around.

Next week there is another tough matchup against the Saints. After New Orleans, they are looking at a string of five easy matchups before they face New England again (Miami, Buffalo, Miami, Oakland, Jacksonville). The hardest part of their schedule will be behind them.

Ok. This isn’t really has nothing to do with why the Jets are for real but how great is it, as a Jet fan, to see Eric Mangini just turn the Browns into the laughing stock of the league? Already, many of his players are growing tired of his, wanna-be, Bill Belichick act. I think it could be one and done for Mangini.

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  1. timoteo
    September 28, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Your defense is the best in the league bar none. Your QB has got all the intangibles a Jets QB needs. It’s good to see the Jets make this kind of progress and assert themselves in what has been a lackluster AFC east the past several years.

    All this coming from a Patriots fan.

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