Inside the Mind of Don Valdez

Here’s a conversation with Don Valdez about a NFL transaction that went largely unnoticed…

Don Valdez: Tight End on the Detroit Lions was put on Injured Reserve today…Richard Dickson.

Johnny Sacks: So?

Don Valdez: Who named that guy?  They had to have known—Dick Dickson.

Johnny Sacks: I didn’t even pick up on that.  That’s awesome.   There was actually a college player a couple years ago named Lucious Pusey.

Don Valdez: No way.  That’s ridiculous…redickulous actually…  He’s a linebacker. It be great if he lined up to cover Richard Dickson.

Johnny Sacks: That would be fitting.

Don Valdez: It would be.  Considering Lucious never made it to the NFL… I would assume… Richard Dickson would tear right through Lucious Pusey.  I’m convinced.

Johnny Sacks: haha.  I know. Dick would definitely beat up Pusey.

Don Valdez:
Probably get messy.  Imagine Dickson busting straight into a bloodied Pusey.

Johnny Sacks:
It wouldn’t be the first time that happened.

Don Valdez:
The first time it sure would be really bloody though.

Johnny Sacks: Oh yeah of course.  After the first time though, Pusey probably wouldn’t be bloodied.

Don Valdez: Nah. Pusey would loosen up and roll with the impact.

Johnny Sacks: It would be an interesting match-up…but if I had to choose, I’d take Pusey every time. I definitely prefer Pusey

Don Valdez: Well you have to. Dickson has been known to get soft after a while. I don’t think Dickson has the stamina. There have always been questions whether Dickson can go for the full 60 minutes.

Johnny Sacks: Most of the time he can’t he even go two minutes. Usually he’ll take a break and then go back in for more.

Don Valdez: Hey no shame in that. As long as he gets out of there in time that’s the important thing. You can’t go limp on the field. That sends a bad message to everyone.

Johnny Sacks: Staying in there too long can have some bad consequences.

Don Valdez: Oh yeah.  Complete mess.

Johnny Sacks: OK…I think we’ve exhausted this…but good stuff

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1 comment for “Inside the Mind of Don Valdez

  1. Frank Wheeler
    December 13, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    You can tell by Richard Dickson’s facial expression in the above photo that he too is considering what would happen if he ever got the chance to run into Pusey. But alas, he never has.

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