How to Stay Interested in Fantasy Baseball When your Team Stinks

We are getting deep into August now and in Fantasy Baseball world, the good teams have already separated themselves from the bad teams.  If you’re like me and your squad is riddled with injured players and underachieving stars you have probably already lost interest a long time ago.  However, here are a number of ways you can maintain your interest in fantasy baseball throughout the remainder of the season. 

Every league has one owner you can’t stand.  He’s the guy who has a sarcastic comment for every draft pick you make and talks trash about how much your team stinks on the message board.  He the guy who constantly makes bogus trade offers to you during the season.  If he’s in the race for the championship, screw him over by making a lopsided trade to the team he’s competing with.  Don’t make it too lopsided, other wise it might get vetoed.

Can’t pull of a trade? Stay active on the waiver wire and pick up hot free agents just to block his team from getting them.

Make Your Buddy an Offer he can't refuse

Make Your Buddy an Offer he can't refuse

Don’t have a rival owner?  Make your buddy an offer he can’t refuse.  Trade him one of your few good players for waiver wire trash and tell him you want 10% of the cash if he wins. There’s a better chance an unfair trade will go through because half of the owners have already given up on their teams.

If you’re in a keeper league it’s time to trade away your star players at a faster rate than the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Take advantage of the guys at the top who are desperate to finish in the money.  Target an owner who needs saves and trade him a shitty closer for next year’s third round pick.
Pittsburgh Pirates

TRY OTHER FANTASY GAMES has a number of daily fantasy games that will keep you interested such as Beat the Streak and Survivor.  In beat the streak, you have to pick one player who you think will get a hit that day.  If he gets a hit your streak continues.  Be the first to get 57 games in a row and you win $1.5 million.  In Survivor you need to pick one team who you think will win on that day. If you reach 37 games in a row you win season tickets.  No matter how bad you screw up, you can always start fresh the next day.

You’re team is hopeless. Fuck it.  Stop paying attention to it and spend a little extra time preparing for your fantasy football draft. That way your football team won’t suffer the same fate.

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