How Every Home Repair Goes in My House

DIY Home RepairIf you follow this site regularly, than you know that my wife and I recently purchased a home. Since our closing, something different has broken just about every month. Unfortunately, I am not the most handy person around.  But I am certainly one of the cheapest people.  So when it comes to hiring someone over fixing it myself, the home repair process usually goes something like this…

Johnny Sacks: Ah crap! The (insert appliance or fixture) is broken!

Mrs. Sacks: Why don’t you call someone to have them fix it?

Johnny Sacks: Fuck that! I’m not paying some asshole to fix it. I’m gonna try and fix it myself.

Weeks go by.  Eventually I get around to trying to fix it.  I spend hours trying to fix something that should take a few minutes and ultimately make it worse.

Johnny Sacks: Damn it! I fucked this up…I give up. I’m gonna have to call someone to fix it.

Mrs. Sacks: Maybe next time you’ll just listen to me and call someone right away.

Johnny Sacks: Yeah, you’re probably right. Next time I’m not gonna deal with this. I’ll just call someone right away and save myself some time and stress.

One month later…

Johnny Sacks: FUCK!  Now this (insert different appliance or fixture) is broken!

Mrs. Sacks: Ok. Why don’t you call someone to fix it?

Johnny Sacks: FUCK THAT! I’m not paying some asshole to fix it.  I’m gonna try and fix it myself!

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  1. Mr. Cleavage says:

    Ummm…OK; Thanks Johnny. Can the next story finish with a picture of a nice rack?

    Appreciate it!!

  2. Johnny Sacks says:

    I think I could arrange that.

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