Hot or Not?: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz swimsuitIt’s time for another edition of the LWB feature: Hot or Not?

The premise is simple. I’ll take a celebrity that is often on the fence when it comes to her perceived hotness and then debate whether she is truly hot or not. The celebrity woman in question would typically fall in the 5-6 range on the LWB Hotness Scale, which is on the borderline between being hot and average-looking.

Typically the woman we are discussing will have some features that men will find attractive, while having others that are not. The perfect example of this debate came in a 2009 episode of The Office, in which Dunder Mifflin-Scranton debated the hotness of Hilary Swank. Today, I build on a feature so brilliantly portrayed in that episode, with my own version of it.

Today’s Hot or Not debate is: Cameron Diaz

It’s hard to believe it has come to this because a few years ago, there would have been no debate. Hot would have dominated the discussion. There was a reason she was cast to be in “There’s Something About Mary.”  She was a hottie with the perfect girl-next-door look.

But things have changed over the years and she’s not quite the babe she once was and that is very evident in Maxim’s latest Hot 100 list.  In 2011, Maxim made her #4 in their hottest 100 women.  In 2012, she didn’t even make the cut.  She dropped more than 96 spots in one year! (Though I don’t know how much stock we can take in that list, since Kate Upton was only 38 !! Anything less than one for her should be an outrage.)

Granted Cameron Diaz will be 40-years-old in 2012 and you have to account for age a bit. She’s not going to be as hot as she was when she filmed “There’s Something About Mary”.  But look at some other celebrity 40-somethings, like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Anniston.  They both still look great. In fact Jennifer Anniston may look better now then she did a few years ago (If you disagree, go rent “Horrible Bosses” and you will change your mind).

But I don’t think age is the problem for her.  As I just mentioned, there are plenty of women who still look good well into their forties.  I think she’s trying too hard to stay looking beautiful, and in her efforts she has actually become less attractive.  As I mentioned in my previous Hot or Not article about Jillian Michaels, men like a woman who is in shape, but we don’t want a woman who has bigger muscles than us. Cameron Diaz is beginning to become that way.  Just take a look at this picture. Do you find this attractive?

Cameron Diaz  bikini

But there are still times where I see her and think she still looks good…like in the car wash scene from “Bad Teacher.”

In fact, there is just so much conflicting photo evidence that it is really hard to call.  Just take a look at a few more photos of her….


Here she is looking hot….

Cameron Diaz


…and then not so much…

Cameron Diaz ugly


Cameron Diaz bathing suit



Cameron Diaz no makeup

So what are your thoughts? Do these pictures/ video sway your opinion in any way? Is Cameron Diaz hot or not?

4 comments for “Hot or Not?: Cameron Diaz

  1. Big E
    June 25, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    Particularly once these hot women get into their upper 30’s and beyond, it depends who took the picture. If you notice, all Cameron Diaz’s hot pictures seem to be either taken from a movie or a professional setting. The not-hot ones are impromptu or surprise pictures, where there hasn’t been the preparation beforehand. In their teens and 20’s, these women could just show up hot.
    I realized this early, in 1969 or so. The Sonny and Cher Show always had Cher decked out and looking hot, then one show they had Raquel Welch on and the jig was up. There was no amount of dress, make-up, or anything that could keep formerly hot Cher from looking like a stick-figure next to Raquel Welch.
    Get the best current picture of Cameron Diaz and put it next to an average current shot of Kate Upton, you’ll see. That doesn’t mean Cameron Diaz doesn’t have a place, but that’s the best visual demonstration of the passing of the torch.

  2. Mr. Cleavage
    July 12, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    I can’t believe I just voted NO on Cameron Diaz being hot. Big E is right, though…she’s SITUATIONALLY hot… When she was in that t-shirt in Something About Mary, I just about creamed my jeans. Now, when I see that “shiny face” look above, I just about want to hurl… I’d rather nail Mrs. Cleavage!

  3. Natalia
    August 14, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    She was never that hawt to me….she had long legs and with long blond hair and the right makeup it hid her manly facial features. She had no tits or ass…and no tiny waist…

  4. Michael
    December 6, 2015 at 6:11 am

    I’m sick of watching this chick trying to be hot in B grade movies. She’s over the hill and trying too hard

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