Great Stand-Up Comedy: Racism

Dave ChapelleGreat Stand-Up Comedy is semi-regular feature here at Living with Balls (View the archives here). Every so often I will link to video clips of some great stand-up comedy bits from some of comedy’s funniest people. There will be a different topic each time. Today’s topic is racism. 

Racism can be a controversial and touchy subject but it can also be a very funny one, if it’s delivered the right way.  In order to avoid any controversy, I have spread the ignorance around.  I have linked comedy bits that mock all different types of races, including my own (Italians).


No one does racist comedy better than Dave Chappelle. Here’s a skit about what racism would be like if everyone just said what they’re thinking.

Here’s another Dave Chappelle skit where he talks about his white friend Chip.


Russell Peters talks about a recent trip to Italy…

Another Russell Peters clip about how the world is mixing…


Louis C.K. talks about how great it is to be white.


Chris Rock talks about when a white person can use the “N” word. One of the funniest things he’s ever done…


Eddie Griffin breaks down the difference between a white person’s walk and a black person’s walk


Jeff Lawrence talks about the similarities between Jews and Italians

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