Great Moments in Kentucky Derby Port-a-Potty Runs

The Kentucky Derby is famous for being the fastest two minutes in sports. Perhaps it’s even more famous for the drunken escapades that take place in the infield. One tradition that seems to be growing over the years is the drunken port-a-potty run. In honor of this weekend’s Kentucky Derby, here are some great moments in the Kentucky Derby Port-a-Potty runs.

Guy in his Underwear Makes the Run
This guy decided to strip to his boxer shorts before making the run. He performed valiantly until the end, when he busts his ass.

Cute Girl Survives Chairs Thrown at Her
This pretty young woman decides to make the port-a-potty run and encounters some difficult obstacles.

Cops Enjoy the Show
This looks like your average run-of-the-mill Port-a-Potty run. However, if you look in the background you’ll see a group of police officers video taping the run and enjoying the show.

Drunk Guy Gets hit With Chair
This drunk guy wearing suspenders gets hit with just about everything but manages to complete the run.

Proud to be an American
A British man attempts to make the run and the Americans don’t take to kindly to him

Luck of the Irish
A guy in a leprechaun suit makes the run

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  1. April 30, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    Now that’s a great collection of videos.

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