Google Sends More Crazy Readers to LWB

Back in February, I wrote a post showing some of the crazy searches that brought readers to Living with Balls. It turned out to be pretty entertaining so I thought I’d do it again—mainly because I haven’t had the time to write a real post.

Since February, I have gained a little more authority in Google searches and thus have found some results that are even crazier than last time.

As a reminder, these are 100% REAL. I have only altered spelling errors. This time around, I’ll be borrowing an idea from my friend Bejewell at The Bean and I will put them into categories.

Not Sure Why Google Brought You Here
Celebrities with large testicles
dancing is making my breasts small and my butt flat
Elisha Cuthbert ass
Shaun White wife tities
“lady gaga porn”
big breast but a flat butt
perverted Aussie wives
Shannon Rutherford getting fucked

Good Chance I Probably Searched for This Myself at One Point
“breasts in my face”
A rap to impress a black guy
babes of lost island who love to fuck
“joe morgan” hates the yankees
“look at the funbags…”
24 season 8 story makes no sense
Barret Swatek tits
like a nice pair of tits to suck and bite

You Came to the Right Place
greatest site ever
I want a white guy
looking for white slave boy
man with balls like a stallion
black women love white boys
“men’s toilet habits”
men watching porn while in relationship

Good Question! I Wish I had an Answer for You.
are new york accents sexy?
beyoncé likes white boys?
how can the woman’s anus be groomed?
how does a 12 year old lose his titties?
how much white people are on the mets?
how to get big ass tittes with no surgery?
Is saying you have to pee flirting?
Why are titties so great?
Why do nipples go wrinkly?
Why does my butt hole poke out?
Why does the computer always score before halftime madden?
Why is women’s basketball still terrible?
Are testicles living?
Can you have a flat butt and be an hourglass?
If a girl says ciao babe is that a good sign?

I’m Curious to Know More about the Story behind this Search
ebony muff
you got a nice rack in Spanish
my wife picks up a random guy in car park
men naming their balls
I’d like to punch you in the ovaries
white man’s testicles
how youporn destroyed my relationship

I Really Have No Explanation
king of vagina
“david wright” “his pants”
A clockwork orange big boobies
“No clothes” scenario analysis nudity
great, you’re cool and so I breasts on the balls
“black women” “white men” -“net worth” -wealth
I have suffered too much in this world not to hope another

I love small tits

Hey man, who am I to judge?…OK. I’m Gonna Judge. YOU’RE SICK!
14 year old nice round ass
grandma with big tits
men’s titties
black men white slave boy
man crap in vagina
man with vagina and balls
“shitting in vagina”
women getting pooped on
guy sticking a hanger in girls butt
chick with
10 year old sucking ball
guys into testicles blog
“do you like to punch kids”
I am aroused by my wife’s flirting
brunettes with big saggy pointy tits
woman with 3 tits
men balls in woman’s butt
tits that hang straight down
videos of women getting shitted on by horses

2 comments for “Google Sends More Crazy Readers to LWB

  1. ThatAintKosher
    June 3, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Here’s my answer to “Are New York Accents Sexy?”

    HELL YES (I have one).

  2. Gary
    June 4, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    I mean, when “do you like to punch kids” is the least offensive in that last category, these people have issues.

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