Confessions of a Mets Fan: I Hate the Mets

Today, we have our first solo post from Don Valdez, AKA DV from the 24 Mockery feature…

Why am I a Mets fan?  When I was about four years old my father threw me a bag and said if you catch this you get to keep what’s inside.  I dropped the bag twice.  On the third time I did catch the bag and inside was a Mets hat.

162 days out of the year I ask myself… Why I did I accept this gift when I clearly dropped the bag twice?   The baseball gods were clearly trying to help me out.  Alas, I ignored their signs.  And here I am.

Were there good times?  Of course there were good times.   Were there bad times?  No.  Simply saying there were bad times would be a horrific understatement.

This will likely turn into a recurring article—as every few days I plan on confessing I am a Mets fan and how much it blows.

April 29th 2010 – Today’s Confession… I Hate the Mets…

Every Mets fan hates the Mets.  They also hate themselves but at the risk of turning this into a Freudian case study we’ll focus on why Mets fans hate the Mets (most importantly why I hate the Mets).

Even in victory the METS SUCK!

1969…  AMAZIN’ Someone Figured Out Double Oral and The Mets Won the World Series

History states…with three weeks to go in the season, the underdog Mets stormed past the Chicago Cubs, who had led the Eastern Division for most of the season, winning 38 of their final 49 games for a total of 100 wins and capturing the first National League Eastern Division crown.  Then the New York Mets—who had never finished higher than ninth place— won the World Series.

Did you notice who the Mets stormed past?  THE CHICAGO CUBS!  The only team in the National League cursed worse than they are!  They didn’t win because they were good.  They won to rub it in the face of every poor hopeless Cubs fan out there.  Chicago Cubs Nation… I ask for your penance and forgiveness.

1986… The Bad Guys Won

I’m pretty sure no explanation is needed here.    Just read the headline above “A Season of Brawling, Boozing, Bimbo Chasing…

And do I really have to remind you the Mets once again crossed paths with a team cursed worse than themselves? The BOSTON RED SOX!   If you don’t remember that the Red Sox sucked for like 80 years you are probably too young to be reading Living with Balls    Go to Google and start doing searches on dirty words like a normal 10 year old.

1999… Courage and Stupidity Together Again.

One of my favorite moments in Mets history is the Robin Ventura Grand Single.   It was Game 5 of the 1999 National League Championship Series between the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves.  In the bottom of the 15th inning (Yes, the 15th INNING!), the Mets loaded the bases against Braves relief pitcher Kevin McGlinchy.  Then Mets catcher Todd Pratt drew a bases loaded walk, tying the score 3-3.

This brought Mets third baseman Robin Ventura to the plate.  I remember thinking: the Braves are up on the Series 3 to 1.  Even if we get a hit here the Mets can’t come back to take the series.  Ventura looked tired, as I’d imagine everyone was after 15 grueling innings.

Then it happened, Ventura crushed a 2-1 pitch over the wall in right-center.  The stadium erupted!  Grand Slam!  Or was it…  As it turned out the place went into such a frenzy, Ventura never reached second base as Todd Pratt accosted Ventura in celebration.   Ventura was then mobbed by the rest of his teammates and never finished his trot around the bases.  The official scorer realized this and credited Ventura with a single…thus robbing the Mets of three runs in the stat book.

What a spectacular memory.  Oh yeah… the Mets lost the next game and the series when Kenny Rogers walked in the winning run with the bases loaded.

There you have it:  Three Reasons why the Mets suck even in victory.

With that I will leave you with this question…

One of these men is a Mets fan, the other a Yankee fan… But which is which?

3 comments for “Confessions of a Mets Fan: I Hate the Mets

  1. ThatAintKosher
    April 29, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    You gotta have love for your team, no matter what. BTW, the Mets have seven straight wins this year.

    Mets fans that hate the Mets may as well be Yankee fans. Sorry, but I still love them.
    .-= ThatAintKosher´s last blog ..Aaaand… SCENE. =-.

  2. DV
    April 30, 2010 at 11:00 am

    You can hate your own team trust me. I’ve seen it from many fans of many teams. Any time there is a heart breaking loss or an embarrassing moment (or the potential for one of those things) the hardcore fans lose it. Fear turns to anger, anger turns to hate. I sence much anger in Met fans (come on didn’t you see Star Wars?).

    Right now, the Mets are on a win streak, so they can do no wrong. It’s like if today Tito Ortiz brings Jenna Jameson some flowers. Wins are like flowers… Ladies love flowers. Mets Fans are like ladies… Does this mean Mets fans love Tito Ortiz? I don’t know! But the love has been rekindled!

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