Celebrity Tweet of the Week: October 7, 2009

Twitter-Logo2This week’s Tweet of the Week brought back three familiar faces.  After a few weeks of being shutout, these celebs are all back at it with some quality tweets.  Two of the celebrities featured this week look like they could be in a year-long battle for first place.  Let’s take a look, shall we?




Jim Gaffigan gets the bronze for the second time this year after sharing a picture from a recent trip to the petting zoo. 

jimgaffigan The Lady Gaga of chickens http://twitpic.com/ju78e


Rainn Wilson makes his fourth appearance of the season on Celebrity Tweet of the Week after he offers his thoughts on President Obama’s recent campaign for the 2016 Olympics. 

rainnwilson I heard Obama was not actually campaigning for the Olympics to be held in Chicago but in his birthplace in Kampoopoo, Kenya.


Porn star Teagan Presley didn’t have much to say on twitter this past week.  She did have several photos to share though, such as this: (all not safe for work)

MsTeagan Piccy http://yfrog.com/2op1ej

And this…

MsTeagan Pic http://yfrog.com/0npj3tj

And this…

MsTeagan Piccy http://yfrog.com/0imu5gj

And this….

MsTeagan http://yfrog.com/5mv9gpj Old Earl Miller Piccy

Aaand this…

MsTeagan Butt PIccy http://yfrog.com/13i2sj

And my favorite one…

MsTeagan Boobies http://yfrog.com/13pzjuj

The butt piccy was a close second favorite of mine.  She lost points for wearing the Tom Brady jersey though. 

The first place win for MsTeagan puts her just one point behind Rainn Wilson in the standings.  We could be in for a tight finish.  If you find a tweet that you think is worthy, feel free to email the suggestion to johns@livingwithballs.com . Also don’t forget to follow this site @livingwithballs on twitter as well.

2009 STANDINGS AS OF 10/7/2009
Rainn Wilson: 14 points
Teagan Presley: 13 points
Terry Moran: 5 points
Bella Donna: 5 points
Terrell Owens: 5 points
Chad OchoCinco: 3 points
Eva Angelina: 3 points
Ashton Kutcher: 3 points
Kim Kardashian: 3 points
Shawne Merriman: 3 points
Jim Gaffigan: 2 points
Danny DeVito: 1 point
Dane Cook: 1 point
John Mayer: 1 point
Kenny Mayne: 1 point

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