A New Addition to the LWB Family

DadThere’s going to be a new addition to the Living with Balls Family soon. My wife and I are expecting our first child, a boy, in June.

There’s a lot that goes on in your head when you realize you are going to be a father. I must admit, my first reaction was one of terror. Even though we were actively trying to have a child, when I looked at that positive pregnancy test, it became real. It’s terrifying for so many reasons. The biggest reason for me, is the fear of the unknown. I know nothing about taking care of a child. What goes into caring for a baby each day? What if we don’t have enough money to support him? How will I balance work and childcare? What if he has health problems? Will my wife’s vagina ever be the same?  These are all the pressing questions that crossed my mind.

After the initial shock of finding out wore down, I calmed down a bit but I usually have a mini freak-out at least once per day. It’s a life-changing experience. One day I’m completely free to do as I please and I only need to worry about myself. Then the next day, a helpless human being arrives and I am responsible to, not only keep this child alive but teach him and discipline him and give him the love that every human being desires…That’s a lot to take on.

The first time that terrifying feeling lessoned was when we got our first ultrasound. Seeing the heartbeat, even though it was the size of bean at the time was awe-inspiring (after seeing that, I don’t know how anyone can argue that life doesn’t begin at conception).

And with every subsequent ultrasound, as the baby begins to take shape, it becomes less terrifying and more exciting. To think that I am going to create life is a pretty cool feeling (I also think it could potentially create some great material for this web site!).

I also came to the realization that there are much dumber people than me who have children and they manage to make it work. Surely I can do the same. I know that there will be challenges ahead but I am confident that I can handle it and I know that I will do everything I can to be a great a father.

That being said, I still could use some help. So any fathers reading this, if you have a good tip for this father-to-be, feel free to leave it in the comment section.

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  1. Joe
    May 9, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Congrats. I am a father of two, a boy and a girl who are now 28 and 26. They are financially independent, well educated and still phone home. They actually like Mom and Dad. Wow.

    The answer? Embrace the journey. It has been awesome for me. Make sure you participate in all activities. diaper changes, night feeding, just do it. When older, play, play and play. Coach, teach and most importantly, love and make sure they know they are loved unconditionally. Doesn’t mean you don’t discipline but always love unconditionally. Accept them as they are and you’ll do great.

    And give Mom a break. She’ll go through a bunch over the next several years. The vagina? not a problem; it heals.

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