60 Unintentionally Funny Business and Product Names

When it’s time to name your company or product, if you don’t account for all of the possible double entendres, misreadings, misspellings, language and cultural translations, than this picture to my left could happen to you.  There are 59 other hilarious business names here.

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The Sports Pickle, which is a must-follow on Twitter for any sports fan, had a running tally of hilarious tweets during the Mets/ Cardinals 20-inning game last weekend. Here are some of the funniest ones.

Mets-Cards tied at 0 in the 18th. SS Felipe Lopez in to pitch. It might take Jason Bay 4 or 5 pitches now to strikeout. 9:10 PM Apr 17th via web

The Mets Henry Blanco just popped out to SS. Fun Fact: A SS was also pitching to him. Dear God: Thank you for the Mets. 9:14 PM Apr 17th via web

Fun Fact: Cardinals have scored in 2 of their past 42 inns. Seriously. Time for McGwire to cycle them back on the roids. 9:17 PM Apr 17th via web

Mets failed to get past 1st in the 18th. With a SS pitching. Only way this gets funnier is if David Wright breaks out his giant helmet. 9:24 PM Apr 17th via web

Okay, top of the 19th. Let’s see if the Mets are able to figure out the nasty of stuff on the Cardinals’ shortstop … 9:25 PM Apr 17th via web

The Mets just manufactured a run on a sac fly with a CF pitching. Great small ball! Small, pathetic, sad ball. 9:34 PM Apr 17th via web

Many say the Mets’ late-season collapses are hilarious. But I say this early-season failure may be even funnier. 9:37 PM Apr 17th via web

So leadoff guy walked … and then got caught stealing with Pujols up? WTF? LaRussa must be into his 19th bottle of wine. 9:44 PM Apr 17th via web

Cards tie it in the bottom of 19th. If ESPN Classic and Comedy Central ever start a channel, this should be the first show. 9:49 PM Apr 17th via web

Video Clip

Obviously Saturday Night Live read my post about the shake weight and decided to make fun of it as well.

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