“24: Live Another Day” Finale: Jack Bauer Saves the World Again

24_live_another_day_poster_cropAfter a four-year layoff, Jack Bauer returned to once again save the world for the ninth time.  The finale of the return season—“24: Live Another Day”— aired last night, and as expected, shit hit the fan.

As a big fan of the series, I had to give a few thoughts of the season as a whole (Spoiler Alert! Don’t read ahead if you haven’t watched the finale).

Jack Saves the Day…Sorta

In the grand scheme of things, Jack Bauer did save the day once again. He stopped most of the drones from being used, recovered the override device, killed Cheng and avoided war with China.  But we also saw U.S. and British soldiers killed by a hacked drone, a hospital blown up, Wembley Stadium has a giant hole in the middle of it, and oh yeah… the President’s daughter was killed.  All in all this will go down as a pretty awful day in history in the world of 24.

Another Season, Another Mole

It seems like every season of 24 has a mole inside a government organization.  It’s not a question of if there is a mole, but who will the mole be?  This year it was Head of CIA Operations Steve Navarro—played by Benjamin Bratt.  I think it might be time to fire the human resources department.  Cleary they aren’t doing sufficient background checks.

Apparently Every Place in London is No More than 5 Minutes Away

I’ve never been to London so I’m not really an expert on traveling through that city but I found it amazing that no matter where Jack or any other CIA operative was going, it took no more than 5 minutes to get there.

No One is Safe…Except Chloe

If you live in the world of 24, you don’t want to be associated with Jack Bauer in any way.  Whether it’s a friend, associate or lover, it’s probably only a matter of time before you end up dead.  Such was the case for Audrey in this season, his long-time love interest.  Yet Chloe O’Brien, is the exception to the rule.  She’s had a remarkable run, pretty much living longer than anyone not named Jack Bauer.

The Body Count Rises

With the completion of the ninth season, Jack Bauer’s body count is now at 308.  The finale last night was also a milestone for Jack.  He set a one-episode record with 21 kills—most of which were Cheng’s anonymous henchmen, who felt Jack’s wrath after he learned of Audrey’s death.

The 12-Hour Format Works

When 24 first came out, part of the appeal of it, besides the non-stop action and Jack Bauer being a complete bad-ass, was the “real-time” format.  Each episode is an hour in real time.  But after a few seasons, “24” was actually being hurt by the format that made it so popular in the first place.  Plot lines were dragged out and viewers were forced to suspend belief in order to fill 24 episodes (Who can forget the season, where Jack was clinically dead for a few minutes but could be found kicking ass and taking names just a couple hours later)?

But in this season, with just 12 episodes, the format worked SO much better.  Sure there were a few twists and turns and some absurd scenarios (which has always been the case), but I thought it was an entertaining season, which reminded everyone why the show was so great in the first place.  I certainly hope they bring it back again.

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