14 Sex Mistakes Men Make

This post is part of the “ Links of the Month”  Segment for February 2011.

According to H-Spot.com, a sex education web site, there are 14 sex mistakes that men make.  It’s a pretty solid list and admittedly, I’ve been guilty of a few, not because of ignorance, but because of laziness.   For example, the first mistake men make is asking to have sex…

“Asking to have sex is like asking your mother if you can have a girl over your own apartment. When you ask, you immediately show a lack of confidence and control – two essential alpha characteristics that deep-down, all women crave. Solution: Work up the physical escalation ladder by starting out with basic touching and kissing. She will respectfully stop you if she doesn’t want sex.”

This is probably true if you’re single and trying to bang some girl you just met.  However, if you’re in a long-term committed relationship, I don’t think this rule applies.   Who wants go through all the effort of trying to get laid when you get married?  I know I don’t.  Easy sex is supposed to be one of advantages of marriage.

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2 comments for “14 Sex Mistakes Men Make

  1. Joe
    February 7, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    1. Asking To Have Sex

    Well, when you’re married or in a long-term relationship, it’s different. “working up the ladder” doesn’t always work, if she’s really not in the mood, she’ll stop you in your tracks before you even get a chance.

    2. Giving Her A Hickey


    3. Not Going Down On Her

    I never fail to do this, more commonly, I run into a woman that inexplicably DOESN’T LIKE IT.

    4. Rushing Through Foreplay

    I am guilty here. Sometimes, your tongue is going to ache, then go numb, and your hands as well, before she’s finally ready.

    5. Not Having A Condom In Arms Reach

    Should learn this one by age 20 unless in a relationship where they aren’t required due to pill, IUD, desire to have baby, whatever.

    6. Keeping Articles Of Clothing On

    Again, it’s usually HER that has this problem in my experience.

    7. Fucking Like A Rabbit

    Hell, I don’t even have the energy to do it that fast anymore.

    8. Being Too Gentle

    Too hard, too soft, geez, you can’t fucking make them happy!

    9. Not Switching Positions

    Again, SHE is only interested in missionary.

    10. Never Facing Your Girl

    Never an issue for me, I prefer to face them at least half the time.

    11. Being Too Quiet

    There’s a fine line here. Too quiet is bad, but sounding like a fucking grunting rhino isn’t good either.

    12. Anal Sex Before Anal Steps

    Yup. Trust me, you don’t “accidentally” hit the wrong hole, and chicks don’t buy it either.

    13. Asking Where To Come

    I really only want to do it inside her, either inside a condom or bareback depending on the situation, I never really got off on the whole “cum on her face/tits” thing.

    14. Splitting Right After Sex

    I usually fall asleep too fast for this to be an issue…

  2. February 7, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    I’m with you on a lot of these, particularly #3. Amazingly some girls don’t feel comfortable with that.

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